Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Its been a while

 Well what can I say time just flies by, 2012 is in its twilight years.  But I have been a busy girl.  My dressmaking has taken a back seat, as I have been busy creating Ch*****as pressies.  Forward planning but still too early for me to say that word yet.  

Slippers for my friend

A hat for DD using up leftover wool, first attempt at fair isle, really enjoyed making this.  Pattern  peerie flooers on Ravelry, will definitely make another.  Socks another first attempt.  These are also for DD  the colours go lovely with her Dr. Martins that Santa will bring!!
My other news is that I have been preparing my bears for their visit to the Art & Rose Art & Rose Gallery.  I had to make a return trip with some presentation  boxes that I also made, of course I cannot just make a simple box, and have to complicate matters. By the time Id made the fourth one I was regretting my design.  They did turn out very well though.  They went up for sale at the weekend when they had an exhibition, for their 1st year anniversary.  Im really pleased to say that two bears have been sold and are making there journey to pastures new.  So Exciting!!
Image and video hosting by TinyPicPhoto: Bye bye, Miss Mouse and Yorkshire Rambler Rabbit. All packed and ready to start a new life...