Wednesday, 8 August 2012

" Well I never"

The other day when I was out shopping for haberdashery,  I noticed that the assistant was sorting out the dress patterns, then separating them from their sleeves. I enquired what she was doing, because I'm nosy like that.  She replied that they had received new patterns, and she had to get rid of the old ones.  She added they were not allowed to sell them and had to throw them away.!!!

How crazy is that, I thought I wasn't hearing her right.  What a waste. I still cant believe it.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The rucksack from a pair of jeans

Well I was so keen to get the rucksack completed, I decided to get the bike out and ride to the next town.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was on my face and my skirt was blowing in the warm breeze, and for a moment I felt carefree like a teenager.  I just love cycling, of course only in the warmer weather.

The denim has been a pain to work with, especially as I have a nail dropping off, I kept catching it OUCH.


The inside first 
  Check lining, with a pocket, keyring holder  and a drawstring cord.

The Coco Cola logo was on the waistband, makes a great handle

The only thing I am disappointed with is the pocket on the right.  Which is too high, maybe I should have unpicked it and put it lower down. However its a great place to hold a umbrella. I may buy some poppers so it closes
The  front pockets have gussets 

Image and video hosting by TinyPicWell DD is more than happy with it. The house however is another story. Now I must tackle the kitchen pots.

Update.  DD finds the pocket on the right very handy.  She keeps her foldaway brolly there, and the bottled water on the other.  Just thought Id let you know. louise 

Monday, 6 August 2012

A rucksack in the making

The sewing bug has really got a hold on me at the moment, I have very sneakily bought my machine downstaris so I can sew in front of the patio doors, bliss.  My daughter had been eyeing this bag up for when she starts college in September priced at £32. from Top Shop.  For once a sensible bag.

 Being the lovely Mummy that I am I offered to make one like it.   to my surprise she  accepted the offer.  So we set off to our next largest town looking for something simple like Denim, not a tall order.  Of course we came back empty handed, so just when I was resigned to purchasing some on the net, my sons partner offered me a couple of  pairs of jeans (different weights) so I used mostly one pair, apart from the buckle strap.

Now I personally dont like the different shades, but DD does and thats all that matters.

Ive used a back pocket for one side and a front pocket for the other side the two main front and back pieces are made from  the lower leg sections, hence the colour difference.  The buckle was on the back above the pockets so I cut it off and added to the front bag flap. I had to remove the other back pocket, so I had enough fabric to make the straps.  

The gingham lining I have had for ages and I have added a casing for a drawsting cord to be inserted. I need to purchase some popper fasteners and a few other things, also I need to topstitch.  I hope it will be finished in the next few days.  

Image and video hosting by TinyPicOf course the bigger the jeans and wider the leg the more fabric you have to play with. I avoided the Knees and the frayed hems, One of the side panels, the front one is a little  stretched, but it will do.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Summers here with the help of Butterick 5751

 At last Summer has arrived, and time to get that sewing machine out and make up this lovely  fabric
Yes your eyes do not deceive you £1.59 for 41/2 yards of 36" wide vintage linen fabric.   I had originally wanted to use it for a lovely Vogue vintage dress pattern, but even though I had yards and yards of it, due  to the width of this fabric, my choice was limited. So I ended up making it into this pattern

Butterick 5751
A very easy to follow pattern.  For my full review follow the link on the left.  I altered the length of the dress by six inches, and as Id used the linen instead of the suggested jersey, I had to add a zip down the centre back.  I also stitched down the folds on the bodicetop, so the fabric sat better. By pure chance it goes really well with the little top.

  Im just heading off to a party, hubbies Aunts  
70th birthday, its a lovely summer evening after a spectacular thunderstorm.
I've really enjoyed making this dress.  I follow lots of blogs where people do not buy Ready to Wear clothing, and I would so love to follow them, it must be so rewarding.  But I just do not have access to resources locally.  My local dressmaking shop, yes just the one.  Seems to be making the transition into a quilting shop. Whenever I go there, there seems less dress fabric and rows and rows of quilting fabric, sadly not the retro Michael Millers or Amy Butlers that I would use, does anyone else have a similar situation.
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