Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Finding the missing pieces

When I reach the end of a project be it knitting or sewing, I start thinking of the next one. It gees me up to finish the current project.  I was scouring the net looking for material and was overwelmed. Got sidetracked like I do, and got onto a blog about how we would be happier with less choices in our wardrobe.  Well I may agree to differ, but if I remember right  she said to take everything out of your wardrobe and route through it, and keep x amount of pieces.

So the next day I took everything out, sieved through the clothes  filled a charity bag then sorted the remainder into piles and observed.
It was an interesting experiment, I discovered
A. I don't need any summer clothes. But that won't stop me.
B. I do not need any more white tops at present I have seven. 
C. I need lots of winter clothing. I'm drawn to summer clothing because of the bright colours and patterns, but winter clothing doesn't have to look dreary and dark.
D. I do not have any casual jackets or a waterproof  raincoat.

I noticed I wear a lot of  strong contrasts. Bright colours, no muted colours  and hardly any black in my wardrobe

 As you can see limited space, so pieces have to work twice as hard.
There sorted. So now I know what is !missing and what to sew next and what fabric to look for.
A white summer skirt
A waterproof coat/jacket
Winter skirts or trousers.
A casual jacket.
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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Vogue 1042 OOP

When I first bought this pattern it had everything I like in a top. Low neckline and fitted bodice. I'd previously mentioned it on this blog good luck with thst one, commrnted somebody, which wasn't very promising. I knew if I conquered it I would love it but I didn't realise how much

The fabric 100% linen was originally intended for a skirt but when it arrived it was too thin. I decided to  attempt the top but wondered if I could do it justice.
This pattern wasnt easy I made so many adjustments that Ive lost track. I made a sample first( a first for me but it paid off) I was adament I didn't want my bust not sitting in the cups like a bad fit. Looking at the pattern and having a full bust here is how I achieved it.
1. I took a vertical fold out  on the centre front, there was a good two inch gap between the cups on centre front, which I do not have. What I took out I added in my new cup width.
2. I took the measurements for the cup from a bra that fitted me, I added width and lots of depth.  I remade my cup pieces from scratch copying the notches grain etc, and following the bra shape. I reshaped the back strap to stop it gaping  taking in a pleat before cutting out, and I also curved the strap  shoulder seam so it sits on my tiny shoulders.  As my bust is large it didnt leavevmuch room at the armhole edge seem fot my straps to sit. Thus resulting in the straps sitting on the edge of my shoulders, if you catch my drift.  With numerous fittings my fabric stretched at the lower edge and trying to add the peplum which is cut on the straight proved tricky. If I want to nit pick I maybe should have taken an inch off the bodice as it is rolling over, but a narrow belt will rectify that.  I didn't fit the peplum to my hips  as I liked how it looks. I hope to make another but maybe take the bodice  longer and omit the peplum trim.  The skirt I self drafted a few summers ago.

Top   _Vogue 2042.
Skirt _ self drafted

 awkward project pics !!

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