Friday, 30 August 2013

Stash busting part 1

We have been enjoying lovely weather here, and I have been motivated, planning and rearranging things.  I have finally moved the sewing machine back upstairs and this is where it will now stay.  I dont dislike sewing upstairs (apart from the lack of view).  So I thought I would show you where I sew and what I have been planning.  Not alot of space so it wont take long.

Its an old utility oak study desk (circa 1950) with 3 drawers, a handy pull-out shelf, and a lift up extension, that sits in  my bedroom
Up above I keep my sewing notions and overlocker
 and all my fabric ....
 fits into this silver suitcase that lives under my bed.
Ive been rummaging for inspiration

A tailors dummy would be wonderful, but I havent the space.  I do however have Gloria  (a charity shop find)  who  is very slim and flat chested, no use to me.  She lives on  top of my chest of drawers and wears  some of my jewellery.


Over at  Carolyn's  blog she has been doing a paper doll project, it is here were I first came across  Fashionary  (its on my Christmas list).  If you go to their website you can download the templates.  I have found this such fun and very useful for organising, and planning  my stash.  It helps me visualise how the fabric and pattern will work together.  When I trace around the dotted template I try and make the shape more fuller like my own body shape.  As you can see I am imagining my floral jersey dress shortened, worn with a pair or jeans (on the right).

So whats on my to do list, Good question?
 I was all prepared to start cutting out sewing up using my stash of fabrics and  try and make a few outfits for the coming seasons,when I got side tracked and found out there is a mini wardrobe competition over at pattern review.  Basically  4 items in 1 month (September) making at least 4 outfits. Sounds fun. Next week sees the end of the holidays, with new term starting so the timing is right. I do not want to buy any more patterns and fabrics.  I see this competition  as a stash busting exercise.  So we shall see if it is possible to find 4 fabrics that will combine with each other and with the small amount of patterns I own.  Set myself a real challenge there.    To be continued ......
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Butterick 5495

It started off so well I really like the pattern on the packet an easy to wear top, then  I found some lovely material.  
I like colour, and this felt so summery and fresh. 

I had been looking at this pattern and had seen many versions where it had been lengthened and made into a dress, I had enough material to do this so I went ahead and lengthen the pattern pieces.
the perfect marriage, or so I thought.
Cataloguing my handmade garments is about sharing the good with the bad, and for me this is definitely the latter.  I just cannot grasp what it is I dislike so much about this dress.
The picture says it all, Its all too much for me.  I dont normally wear dresses this long.  My friend liked the length, but I prefer knee length dresses.  I had to stitch up the front opening as it was way too low, but I think I stitched it to high.  The whole outfit  feels so matronly.  
I have full intention of cutting it down to a long top and wearing layers with it.  I shall follow up with altered dress.

Never mind, onto the next project. I am at present planning my winter wardrobe. More to follow.

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

I've made a skirt

Firstly, thank you all for your get well messages, so very kind of you all, you are all such kind bloggers.  Sewing isnt too strenuous  thoroughly enjoyable, and productive so I continue to sew.

Ive made a skirt, just a simple straight one with a pleat at the back.  not too difficult. The fabric is so pretty it didnt need much.  I fell in love with this fabric that I picked up from the Shuttle last year.  My initial intention was to make the white jacket  from my solutions  patterns on sidebar, but time was just against me.   The piece was double edged and I still have enough to make a top. I couldnt decide between a fitted dress or skirt.  Skirt it was, hoping it will be more adaptable. 

                                                                                                        We attended a wedding on Saturday.  Looking at all the photos we had taking throughout the day, we didnt get many of ourselves so I asked husband to take one of the skirt for the blog.  Of all the lovely settings we had been in, we ended up in the lobby at the reception near the public conveniences, nice!  By then  time was moving on and the light was poor. 

It was a beautiful day, not too hot, just right. 

After we came out of the service this band played while the photos were taken is was wonderful. People in the street stopped to watch them.

The groom is Scottish so the men were wearing their kilts,  I do like kilts.  For me the highlight was after the couple came out from signing the register they were escorted by a piper with his bearskin hat, very impressive.   
More photos please

"Look at the  photographer"

 Remember the bridesmaid dresses, that I was altering, sadly I was unable to finish the second lot of alterations due to being in hospital, so husband took them back so they could get them finished elsewhere.  I did however remake the little white dress as it was enormous in size but the right length.  Looks like the were still have  a few fitting problems.  During the course of the day I did a few little minor alterations. Not helped by the fact there was  a giant inflatable slide for the children (and adults)  
We had a lovely weekend, hope you are having a good one too.
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