Friday, 30 August 2013

Stash busting part 1

We have been enjoying lovely weather here, and I have been motivated, planning and rearranging things.  I have finally moved the sewing machine back upstairs and this is where it will now stay.  I dont dislike sewing upstairs (apart from the lack of view).  So I thought I would show you where I sew and what I have been planning.  Not alot of space so it wont take long.

Its an old utility oak study desk (circa 1950) with 3 drawers, a handy pull-out shelf, and a lift up extension, that sits in  my bedroom
Up above I keep my sewing notions and overlocker
 and all my fabric ....
 fits into this silver suitcase that lives under my bed.
Ive been rummaging for inspiration

A tailors dummy would be wonderful, but I havent the space.  I do however have Gloria  (a charity shop find)  who  is very slim and flat chested, no use to me.  She lives on  top of my chest of drawers and wears  some of my jewellery.


Over at  Carolyn's  blog she has been doing a paper doll project, it is here were I first came across  Fashionary  (its on my Christmas list).  If you go to their website you can download the templates.  I have found this such fun and very useful for organising, and planning  my stash.  It helps me visualise how the fabric and pattern will work together.  When I trace around the dotted template I try and make the shape more fuller like my own body shape.  As you can see I am imagining my floral jersey dress shortened, worn with a pair or jeans (on the right).

So whats on my to do list, Good question?
 I was all prepared to start cutting out sewing up using my stash of fabrics and  try and make a few outfits for the coming seasons,when I got side tracked and found out there is a mini wardrobe competition over at pattern review.  Basically  4 items in 1 month (September) making at least 4 outfits. Sounds fun. Next week sees the end of the holidays, with new term starting so the timing is right. I do not want to buy any more patterns and fabrics.  I see this competition  as a stash busting exercise.  So we shall see if it is possible to find 4 fabrics that will combine with each other and with the small amount of patterns I own.  Set myself a real challenge there.    To be continued ......
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  1. Its interesting see how we all create our garments - we all have different spaces and stashes:). You have set yourself a challenge - I saw that one and decided to pass - too much pressure for me. I am going to wish you good luck.

  2. Have a great time with the wardrobe contest...I am passing as I just need pants. I love your tidy space. I have fashionary also, and have redrawn my templates as I am petite.

  3. Thank you for mentioning me; and your drawings are so clear and beautiful! You are obviously very artistic! I'm looking forward to seeing your new creations :)

  4. thank you for introducing me to Fashionary, I love it (secretly, it reminds of my childhood, Ive forgot how much I enjoyed drawing.)


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