Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Pledge

Somehow I dont know how, but I found a blog from a blog, like you do, and I signed myself up for the 2013 sewlutions,    Just a click of the button and Im now committed, and probably regretting it already.

 I commented that I would finish the coat that has been in my wardrobe for the last 3 years.  

Total madness most of the hard work has been done. Just need to take in some seams and hem it

I also said I would make up the patterns that I bought last year, I thought I had 5, but in fact I have 6.
1 Suit V8355 
4 dresses
1 Blouse V7903

Im not sure about one of the dresses the second from the left,  Vogue 1190,  with the  frills, probably not the best choice  with a full bust, I may omit the frills.  I like all the others, and I like to use every pattern once at least. 

Do you all use your purchased patterns, or do they get put to the back of the pile. Id love to know

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aka  Tonto

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Liebster award

Oh Wow!! An award, and my first

To receive this prestigious award I feel I should be more appropriately dressed, perhaps I should whip up this little number, 

Vogue 2929

maybe not, so I will accept it in my big fluffy dressing gown (its cold here)

I believe it the norm when receiving awards to thank all my friends and family etc, so I would like to thank the lovely Beverley from ontheroadtosewwear for awarding me with this award.  I really enjoy this lady's blog, she is a newish sewer and I love to see her skills developing. Do check her out. Anyway,here are the rules 

The Rules:

The award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers/readers to bring them into the limelight and hopefully increase their readership
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog
  • Post 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions posed by your nominator
  • Nominate up to 5 other blogs (let them know you have nominated them) and ask them 11 questions of your own
So firstly here are beajays 10 questions
there are some tricky ones 

1.  Tea or Coffee?

Tea, this is an easy one. I love my tea

2.  Cats or dogs


3.  If you had $50 and could only buy patterns or fabric - what would you buy?

Fabric, you cannot sew without fabric

4. Comedy/Drama/Horror/Musical or Action??

Drama or Comedy, depending what mood I am in.

5.  Do you feel younger than your age or older - or just right?

Younger, definately. 

6.  If you could do or be anything in the world (human that  is - profession etc) - what would  you be?

 I once worked in a wool shop, which I really enjoyed. So I would love to own a  successful trendy wool and fabric shop, maybe with a cafe so I could chat  with my customers about their projects. 

7. Why are you not the above (if you said anything other than what you are)?

Various reasons, not a risk taker, and I do not live in the right place for such a shop

8.  Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things - and no sitting on the fence on this one - if you had to choose what would it be?

Doing the right thing.

9.  If you could offer a child only one piece of advice - what would it be?

Be happy

10.  Do you have life goals, and  if so - do you write them down and revisit them?

No . 

Now I have to write 11 thing about myself. I will start at the beginning

1.  I was born on a Saturday afternoon at home, and my older brothers and sisters were watching The Lone Ranger on  TV downstairs.  For a while my parents couldnt decide on a name for me, so I was called Tonto. 

To this day I am not called by the name I was christened with.

2.  I have a fear of open bridges.
3.  I love Currys, but hate sweet & sour
4.  I am told that I am a good listener.
5.  I could have had the longest engagement in history. We were engaged for 19 years.
6.  I do not drive a car, but ride a vintage bicycle.
7.  I am very indecisive.  Just ask my shopping friends.
8.  I much prefer crafting to housework (who wouldn't!)
9.  I can write from the right to left (like a mirror image).Misspent youth!!
10. My famous phrase is "I could make that cheaper"
11. My favourite colour is green.

There that wasnt too bad.  Now the rules are I should pass on to 5 other bloggers, sorry but I shall pass on that one. My reading list are established bloggers.
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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Gatsby girls

A  little while age I showed you something I was working on.   Well let me  present a collection of badges.   Ive called them the The Gatsby Girls.  

They are proving very popular with my friends.  Ive sold two already.  I hope you like them.  I loved that era very classy.  My father was a teenager during the 20s'.  I can remember pics of him and his older sisters in these fabulous outfits, always with  hat and gloves.  



Doris (Sold)

As  always your feedback is appreciated

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Alice (reserved)

Monday, 14 January 2013


Its  in the hands of the gods, something we have no control over, Yet it is a topic we British love to talk about.

  Yes its the weather, and its on everyone lips.The weather men have been warning us for some time.  Its tried twice over the weekend  but without success. But finally today it well and truly arrived.

A blanket of snow has fallen over my  part of Yorkshire. The children passing by my house are laughing and playing as they walk home from school, and I dont think we have seen the last of it.
Whats your weather like?

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Saturday, 12 January 2013

The baby Owl

 Well readers a new laptop.  Super sensitive  driving me slightly mad, and getting to grips with Windows 8 is another story.  So what better way to road test it out,than with a post and photo.

Sometime before Christmas I had a brainstorm.  I decided I wanted to make an owl.  It seems owls are very "in fashion" at the moment, they are on everything, cushions, bags, fabric, purse shapes, so why not jump on the band wagon and make one I thought.

So within the space of a day I had created this baby owl.  Believe me that was the easy part. ,it s okay me having these ideas but I dont see the whole picture; ie what do I do with him how. How do I display him?

My first thought was to put him behind a display frame,  but I so dislike textures behind glass.  So he has been hibernating for a few months.  Ive now decided he needs to be on a stand and the poor sole has now got doweling up his derriere awaiting a stand. Aww

Sometimes you just  cannot rush art. Isnt he sweet, made from the my fabric and wool stash, Its amazing what can be created with junk from under the bed (hubbies words not mine)  When completed I intend to put him up for sale.  Not sure yet which route I will be taking for selling him. Any thoughts.
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Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Yes I know that we are into the second week of 2013, but I find it fascinating what effect that the difference a day makes, but on the the whole a new year.

 I stopped making new years resolutions years ago, after falling at the first hurdle, but new years day is like shedding an old coat off my back. Starting afresh, I wish I could feel like  this all through the year.  They should bottle this.  Even though we are supposed to be on the longest depressing month of the year,  I am  invigorated. How about you readers, what effect does the new year have on you?

I have started  spring cleaning and  de-cluttered the downstairs of the cottage, this started when I took the tree down, and moved the furniture around.  Gained loads of space in the process, even Hubbie commented on this!!  I now need to address my sewing corner, I desperately need to compress my sewing boxes.  This is a toughie even for me, but this can be done. Living in a small cottage that is cluttered quite honestly drains me. Blitzing is liberating.

Don't be silly Im not going that mad! this is after all,  precious sewing stash we are talking about.

Louise x

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all.  Yes there has been a miracle this Christmas at No.23,   The computer has decided it is not quite ready to be replaced (but for how long, who knows)

We had a lovely Christmas, the usual pressies, nice walks between the downpours,  played new and old games, and drank and ate far too much.

Looking back on last year, a quick recap of the better parts.

Best Buys of the Year are ...In no particular order, Ive been wanting to share these for a while now.
This vintage Sole Mio blanket (which are still available to buy, but now made in  Belgium  not Britain .  They now retail from  Euros 265. This blanket feels like new with a texture like a scourer,  springy but extremely soft,light and Soo warm.  I had intended to keep in downstairs but it is so bulky, that it now sits and the foot of our bed,  a much better place for it. What a find, and it only cost my £3.00.

I also picked up on my travels this lovely patchwork blanket.  However can such a lovely piece of work end up in a Charity Shop is beyond me.  Such time and effort making this hand stitched blanket,  I truly appreciate this (excuse drab picture) I would never have the patience to make one of these, so lucky to come across it. 

I am so looking forward to getting back into dressmaking after knitting Christmas pressies, I am definately a season sewer, thinking about Spring and not having to wear coats etc.  I purchased the above pattern V8355 last year. We have been invited to a wedding in August this pattern would be ideal.  I love the line of this outfit.  When I went to The Shuttle in Shipley in September I bought these fabulous fabrics.

The silver grey with the net overlay is patterned at both ends, but it has a slight pull.  You could probably  get a cocktail dress at a push out of it, or maybe the skirt.  The pink is a linen/cotton  mix, dress weight. Im not sure if they are too much of a contract.  I have plenty of the pink for a suit, but would it be too much.  Come on ladies inspire me. Of course being the thrifty Yorkshire lady I am, these two fabrics only cost £16.00,  But also a step on the bathroom scales tells me I have over indulged this Christmas and will need to loose some 1lbs first....

Toward the end of the year, my own personal achievement was the sale of my bears which I have previously mentioned.  Selling my work at a proper price  was a  fantastic result.  It has given me such a boost.   I hope to continue making and selling.  Any advice would be appreciated.  After 2 hours with a careers adviser just before Christmas  they only conclusion I came to, was my crafting urge was much too strong for me to be in a 9-5 job.

Anyway, I have been a busy bee creating something new and exciting , and Im pleased to say I have already sold one even though they are not  finished yet,.  I promise to show you them when they are completed. Here's a little peak inspired by this lovely picture of 1920's fashion that I came across on the internet, such an elegant era.

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