Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Yes I know that we are into the second week of 2013, but I find it fascinating what effect that the difference a day makes, but on the the whole a new year.

 I stopped making new years resolutions years ago, after falling at the first hurdle, but new years day is like shedding an old coat off my back. Starting afresh, I wish I could feel like  this all through the year.  They should bottle this.  Even though we are supposed to be on the longest depressing month of the year,  I am  invigorated. How about you readers, what effect does the new year have on you?

I have started  spring cleaning and  de-cluttered the downstairs of the cottage, this started when I took the tree down, and moved the furniture around.  Gained loads of space in the process, even Hubbie commented on this!!  I now need to address my sewing corner, I desperately need to compress my sewing boxes.  This is a toughie even for me, but this can be done. Living in a small cottage that is cluttered quite honestly drains me. Blitzing is liberating.

Don't be silly Im not going that mad! this is after all,  precious sewing stash we are talking about.

Louise x


  1. I love a good old tidy-up, and toss out! Mainly other peoples stuff, but occasionally some of mine...

  2. Sadly I can't get my hands on other families bits and bobs, or I would have a field day.


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