Sunday, 28 July 2013

What a month

Well what can I say, it all started when my husband took a tumble on his bicycle in the rain, and fractured his collarbone  Thankfully he is recovering really well and hopefully he will not need surgery, he is however still off work.  Then a day after my birthday I wasnt feeling so good, started suffering gastric pains, and within the space of an  hour, was rushed into hospital.  I was in hospital for 11 days and sadly missed the heatwave (though everyone was complaining about it, came home to thunder storms, what rotten luck!)  I have never been in hospital apart from giving birth to my children, and found the experience  a bit scary.   I am home, having no t.v. or motivation to knit or read, whilst in hospital gave me time to think and put things into prospective, on a plus side I have managed to loose 8lbs in weight (do hope it manages to stay off)

 I have now been home just under a week, and though I feel heaps better, I am still not running on full throttle, but I was keen to get crafting, I have SOoo missed sewing.  I was finishing a quilt for my daughter, it was still sitting where I had left it, so yesterday I finished quilting it and made the binding, attached it and hand stitched the edges, I finally finished it this morning. 

This quilt started with five tops, a love for Snoopy  and my daughters favourite 3 tier skirt, which she wore when she was about 8 years old,  she had kept them  for ages, not knowing what to do with them, also she wanted  the quilt made mainly  from purple, her favourite colour with no white. I call it her memory quilt.

So different from my previous quilt I made, which is crisp white and with  English country flowers

This one has a retro feel, probably because of the colour, I always think of purple  as  a 70's colours.  
I have to say I am so pleased with it, the purple fabric was a 100% cotton sheet that I picked up from a charity shop and died vivid purple. 

On the back I added  a carefully placed panel with all the tops .
This lovely little gap top with the pretty edging  was tricky to position, but with the addition of the embroidery it looks fine.

also I  was struggling with two odd shaped triangular pieces and how to place them, when I came up with the idea of turning them into hearts, which I then blanket stitched. 
I have to say much as I love dressmaking and the task of mastering the fit,  I love quilting.  Mixing all the wonderful colours and patterns together, its such fun.  I even enjoy cutting out the pieces. A completely different kind of sewing, but so rewarding.

So motivated, now what shall I create next?

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