Sunday, 9 June 2013

Vogue 8844

Well I have finally finished the bridesmaid dresses, they are all delivered and (touch wood) they are okay and need no more work to them.  I have to say I didn't mind the hand-stitching, but loathed sewing with the machine.  One lesson learnt, never say yes to helping with frilly sheer dresses again.  If I had to choose between bridal wear or tailoring, tailoring would wind hands down.

So onto something for me. I decided to make myself a hat Vogue 8844 .  I first came across this pattern when Carolyn did  this post .  I love hats, always have, but struggle to find ones that fits my large head, not helped by my thick hair. I did the large size and used remnants of fabric, a soft grey cotton linen from a skirt donated and a dark grey cotton lining from an old dress. 

It worked well, but I cannot tolerate floppy hats, so I inserted strips of rigilene.

 For those of you unfamiliar rigilene its a polyester boning made from rows of covered nylon rods.  So I cut into the rigilene and pulled away the nylon rods and inserted them into the rim of the hat in between the stitching, my friend told me about this, you could also use garden strimming nylon wire  but that's alot thicker.  They may in time work their way  out of the casing, but I can easily deal with that, more to the point it works and I can see.  The hat is fully reversible, but I prefer the lighter side.

My husband went out on a trip with a friend who drives trucks. He had told me that the truck was called Karen Louise (my real name).  Get me a photo of it I asked, so he did. For you truckies out there its a Scania.

Okay there is nothing unusual about seeing your name on a truck, but what was really weird was another photo he had taken. 

 The name in the window  (not my husbands friend but another person who also drives the truck) was a name I was called in my school days (it went with my surname.)  I found that a bit eerie.   

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