Monday, 30 January 2012

Knitting Mitts

Many thanks for the comments on  the old back, it  seems to come and go.  After a visit to the docs  he was a young and very thorough student doctor who kept looking in his book,  (not reassuring).  I came away with no conclusion,  feeling 101 and told to take lots of painkillers.!!!

Mustard Seeds the small cafe I volunteer at  had a makeover, over the Christmas peiod.  How it shines.  We continue to go from strength to strength.  I thought I would share some photos.

This beautiful original fire looks wonderful

We sell a wide range of fancy coffees with free biscuits and toasted teacakes

My long awaited deliveries arrived.  Yippee!!!  The printer is marvellous, I have been printing off lots of free knitting patterns from Ravelry and Garnstudio, getting me motivated, including this one

The wool I am using is Lima  wool, which came with my other wool.  They are  for my mother in law.  I have altered the patterned throughout as I thought the hearts and pattern were lost in each other abit,  Im very pleased so far,  but I think I need to use shorter needles if Im to do some more of these.

Not bad for a first attempt at stranded work

This is the wool for my sons cardigan, its so soft.
 actual colour Royal blue

I know I harp on about Drops wool but it is such good value, Im not an acrylic fan at all, but wool can be quite costly.  The Drops range is very reasonable and good quality, please check it out, Id love your opinion and recommendation if you've used any of their range, Im always on the look-out for quality wool at the right price, so any links would be appreciated.

Ive also been bidding on Ebay again.  As usual I am never lucky with Ebay, and this recent win wasnt without its hiccups, but Im drawn to Ebay  like a wasp to an open jam jar.  I shall show and tell you more when my new baby arrives!!

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Thursday, 19 January 2012


Its been a strange week here at No. 23  Mostly spent nursing my back which "went"  on Sunday, improves then goes again.  Im at the doctors this afternoon. Im also waiting for deliveries.  Abit like being in limbo. 
Im waiting for a new printer.  Ironic.  We havent had a printer for ages, and now I have ordered one I can't wait for it to come.  Got a bargain on the internet, and it seems like everyone and his dog has done the same.  So still  tracking my order and  waiting for the backlog of orders to catch up with little old me. 

On a happier note I have received a phone call today saying my bargain wool I ordered in December is being delivered tomorrow. Ive ordered some Drops Wool Andes  65% wool  35% alpaca an  Another great offer  that was on for 1 month (sorry expired now)  that  seems to have been very popular, as Ive had to wait for  my order,(which normally take only a few days to arrive).  
I really like this site for their wool, such good prices, and nice quality and they have free patterns to print off. 
Years ago I used to work in a wool shop, I loved it.  It was a time when I knitted and sewed all my own clothing. We  used to have a shelf in the back of the shop for wool that people put away and  collected on a weekly basis.  I used to have a shelf practically to myself.  What with sales and staff discount, I was always buying wool.  We dont have any wool shops at all around here anymore.  Just a few shelves in a local store selling mostly  acrylic wool.  Such a shame because I like to support small local businesses. 

Anyway nowadays I seem to be more of a sewer than knitter, because of the fast results, knitting small things.  But I am about embark on this jacket for one of my sons.
man wearing broken rib cardigan
The wool is super thick so hopefully I could possibly finish it for his birthday next month. Very excited. If I conquer this  it may make me look at knitting in a different aspect.  Just need to learn how to knit standing up or lying down :(

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Monday, 2 January 2012

My Memories of 2011

January to June

July to December

2011.  Was a year that I started  off making small bears & rabbits, rediscovered dressmaking  and learnt a new craft, Patchwork.  I had my first dip in a hot tub (loved it), organised my first Macmillian Coffee Morning and managed with help from others to raise £133.00.  Broke my sewing machine :(  and got to view Mr. Darcy's breeches!! 

I started blogging in May and hope to continue, I sometimes struggle to think of things interesting to write about,  but its good to look back and reflect.

A new year.  No new years resolutions, I gave up on those years ago. 2012 sees some new and exciting events for my family. 

My sister will become a grandma for the first time, we have a 50th wedding anniversary to celebrate.   There are some big milestone birthdays,  my son will have an official birthday with it being a leap year, my daughter will become "sweet sixteen".

I think I will have another Coffee Morning event in September, hopefully bigger and better than last year.  I know it personally will be a good year for me with lots of dressmaking, quilting, knitting, sewing, gardening, fun bargains and happy times to share with you.
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