Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 Recap

Well I hope you have all had a good Christmas, and now we are fast approaching the New Year.  When I look back over the year at my blog ,  Ive had some creative hits and misses.  its interesting to see what has become part of my everyday wardrobe and whats got buried to the bottom of my drawers. So here is recap at what has worked and what didnt for 2013

MAY Still havent altered this dress yet.  Feel like a granny in this one.

MARCH   I  wear this dress on hot days, when Im pottering around, not for anywhere special.  Its so cool being 100% cotton.  I wouldn't  make this  pattern again though, the little cardi has hardly been worn also.

Its funny, I love white especially in the summer and when I started making this top I was convinced I would get loads of wear from it, but I have only worn this blouse once. Its not that I dont like its just the cotton  is quite firm, (it was a sheet I used)  its hard to wear anything over it.  I think the answer is to shorten the sleeves, to make it more wearable.

  Such an intricate pattern but Ive had such a lot of wear from this dress, will make this again.

JULY   Quilt for my daughter she loves this and its getting lots of use, which makes it all worthwhile
AUGUST I love this skirt, fabric does all the work so just a simple straight skirt pattern.  Cant wait to wear it again.

SEPTEMBER  These tops are so easy to wear and go with such a lot of things in my wardrobe

DECEMBER Christmas socks.  The Family love them (wish I could knit quicker, started making them in May)
TOTAL MAKES 17 items
3 pairs of hand knitted socks
1 bag and 1 Bag liner
1 hat
1 pair of men's trousers
2 tops
1 blouse
3 skirts
3 dresses
1 patchwork quilt. 

And one wadder that I wont mention.

Ive double checked, but I could have sworn Ive made more, but I havent. I was incapacitated after my spell in hospital, but that was only a short while.  Looking at the list, I would like to make  more in 2014.

Im pleased to say I like and wear most of the things Ive made, which is alot better than making loads of things and only wearing a few.   How about you, have you had a good creative year?
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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fuzzy Socks

Hello all, the 1st December here at No. 23 means Christmas advent decorations.  So the calendar is up and a few the other decorations adorn the room for the countdown to Christmas

Santa's waiting patiently  to make his journey down the chimney

The advent candle's waiting to be lit...
But as I look outside, the sun is out and the sky is blue, all is calm its a beautiful day. 

Looking outside Its hard to imagine we are approaching Christmas and Milly is running around the garden like a spring lamb

Now I couldnt have achieved these photos with my old camera, Milly is a fast mover.

The fire was lit and  DH and myself  made homemade bread. For a change my mixture was spot on, the bread was soft and fluffy, however  DHs mixture didnt turn out as good. Normally he makes excellent bread. I ordered some presents on the internet, and a did abit of knitting.
The Christmas bed socks for DD are completed. Oh how I wish there was a way you could all touch these lovely socks, they truly are incredibly soft and fuzzy. The wool was bought in a local charity shop, vintage Jaegar Angora Spun.
The pattern which is on Ravelry had a lacy panel but I couldnt see it because of the pile, so I left them plain. I didnt find this pattern easy to follow, too little information, I do like it when a pattern states how many stitches you should have left after decreasing,  just minor points like that, that were omitted.

So onto the scarf. After knitting such soft wool this sock wool feels like rope, I assure you it isnt. It is a great little pattern easy to knit. Im so enjoying knitting this scarf, its so different, and the colours in the wool are not disappointing me. Ive completed 15 points, the pattern says I should be able to make 40 with my 100gms.  I had to go onto 3.25mm needles as my tension was too tight, it will be interesting to see how many I get from my ball.

 As the day closes, the candle is lit,  and the knitting beckons.  

Hope you had an enjoyable Sunday

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