Saturday, 16 July 2011

I love YORK

This week  my brother, sister and myself all had a birthday so we all met up for lunch.  I would have taken photos but it seems that a certain dog had decided to take my camera out of my bag and sit on it in her basket

Who me?
On Thursday I went to York with my sister. I love YORK

There are is so much see.  Just soak in the sights

<><><><><> <>
Bettys Tea Rooms.... Busy as usual

It was sad to see Habitat closing down after so long.
An end of an era.
I especially like visiting the Shambles

Inch by Inch this small street is steeped in history

I like the uneveness of it all.   Not a true angle in sight.  Just look at that shop sign.

I like how the get bigger with each level.  They almost meet at the top (well almost).  They look like Jenga blocks about to topple over
I love this view as well. You can really sense how dark this little street is even on a sunny day.
Afterwards we went back to my nieces for tea, and when I got home this was waiting for me

<><><> <>
A magazine bag. A sweet pincushion and a tape measure (polka dots my favourites). All wrapped in a lovely paper bag. A belated birthday present.
<><><> <>
  I SOooo love that paper bag Cath Kidston should make it into a print.


I had a  really lovely week, lots of cards, lovely pressies, such kindness, I am very fortunate.
 Turning 52 wasnt so bad after all :)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

When Thrifting Isnt Fun

Times are tough here at no.23.   With only Hubbie working, and at present on reduced hours.  Sadly, thrifting has now become a necessity instead of being a fun challenge. 

So with time on my hands and continuing with my ground floor makeover.  Ive varnished the kitchen cupboards, and painted the table legs, the walls are now ready for painting white.

When I lived in Bristol my elderly neighbour used to have Summer and Winter curtains. I think this is a great idea. Lots of light fresh colours. I love ticking, checks and linens with light summer flowers, and in the winter there is nothing more welcoming , than snuggly cushions and throws with lovely soft rich textures, does anyone out there already do this.
So out came my £4.00 curtains,and lots of other fabrics from under the bed.  They are a heavy screen printed linen. I am in the process of unpicking and remaking them for the front room. (I dont know why I say front room as its our only room)   Im not too sure if they are a bit grannyish. 

I intend to make some cushions with the checked material. Its coming together nicely, dont you think?

Ive also been crocheting a round cushion.  There is an obvious mistake on my first attempt at round crocheting, the expert crocheter will spot it immediately, but Im not telling

The flip side same colours but looking completely different

I think it fits in very well
When I was in town the other day I came across a free  magazine, and something caught my eye. 

Was it Daniel Craig with his lovely steely blue eyes?
Was it the 43 hot fashion and beauty tips, and boy I could use them?
It was an article on Super Chic Caravans. 
Just look at these.

Fancy waking up here?
and cooking breakfast in the open air
These teardrops are  an ingenious design . You can also hire them too.
or the ultimate, an American Airstream.  Very sleek, Very retro.

See you soon Louise x

Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy 4th July

The Statue of Liberty and July 4th Firework Stock Photo - 2102057

Happy Independence Day
have a great day

Sunday, 3 July 2011


Its been three years since we collected Milly from the rescue centre.  We had been looking for sometime.  She was not at all what we were looking for.  We all had in mind a little lap dog for our small cottage.  But most of the dogs we looked at were large.  But then I spotted Milly, she was just stood there, very quiet looking so sad and very thin,  I knew if we were to take a dog home that day it was her.

She is a lurcher we think a cross between a Whippet and Bedlington terrior.  We think that she was a working dog, and also because of her mannorisms, that she may have been mistreated.

She would never look at you in the early days


She doesn't seems to have that problem now

She is a small dog with a big personality, a hoarder and a bit of a magpie.  Hubby lost his keys the other day (guess who had them in her basket) 

She is also fond of purses and handbags  Matching of course.

She love the snow but hates the rain
But best of all she just loves to sleep

Especially with big Ted

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Home Ideas

Yesterday my Homes and Antiques Magazine dropped through the letter box, I have to say Im loving this months issue.  It had some fab articles just up my street

+ Free Prints

Vintage Bicycles. Great

Hen of Henhouse her lovely home is featured. Blog here for more scrummy photos.

Im so loving the 50s

Id love an Ercol daybed,  and the patchwork quilt  is so striking, sorry rubbish photo

An interesting article on vamping up a magazine rack. My daughter did something very similar but on a way larger scale .....

......on her bedroom wall

Of course, all these lovely photos is making me want to reach for the paint brush, and I have made a big decision. I would like to paint my rooms white, starting with the kitchen. Ive always shied away from white for obvious reasons, its not practical and everyone keeps saying it wont last five minutes. But Im always drawn to it in magazines. I hope Im making the right decision.
This beautiful Poppy in the garden, I noticed the other evening that when it closes up it looks like it is putting its hands together and saying a prayer.  Dont you think (or have I completely lost the plot)