Saturday, 2 July 2011

Home Ideas

Yesterday my Homes and Antiques Magazine dropped through the letter box, I have to say Im loving this months issue.  It had some fab articles just up my street

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Vintage Bicycles. Great

Hen of Henhouse her lovely home is featured. Blog here for more scrummy photos.

Im so loving the 50s

Id love an Ercol daybed,  and the patchwork quilt  is so striking, sorry rubbish photo

An interesting article on vamping up a magazine rack. My daughter did something very similar but on a way larger scale .....

......on her bedroom wall

Of course, all these lovely photos is making me want to reach for the paint brush, and I have made a big decision. I would like to paint my rooms white, starting with the kitchen. Ive always shied away from white for obvious reasons, its not practical and everyone keeps saying it wont last five minutes. But Im always drawn to it in magazines. I hope Im making the right decision.
This beautiful Poppy in the garden, I noticed the other evening that when it closes up it looks like it is putting its hands together and saying a prayer.  Dont you think (or have I completely lost the plot)

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