Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blooming Weather!.. Ideal for a spot of sewing

An April shower wont last half an hour.  Well Im not to sure about that one.   It has rained, now for about a week with just the odd hour of sunshine. 

at least the water isnt coming up onto the pavements, since we had the new pumping system put in, no more episodes like  this  (touch wood)

Even the cat doesn't want to go outside.
I'm waiting patiently to plant these potatoes, that have been on the  sill for what seems an eternity.
The tulips are looking nice though.  So whilst the weather  stops me from finishing sorting the garden out,  I continue to sew. 

Ive discovered the trick is to have a cutting out session.  So the other week I cut out three items to sew. I shall show you the first one today.  I had seen this pattern on another blog   

New Look 6808

I realised I had something similar in this Vogue pattern. I thought I could recreate  the above from this and add a collar.

Vogue 8667
Id made this pattern previously  but wasnt happy with the princess sea, it was way too high for me. So with the help of a friend I redrafted the top changing the princess seam into a vertical seamst seam.  Then I just added a collar, self drafted.

Isnt this fabric Soo beautiful. 
A petrol blue with large blossoms, I love it.  Its  36" wide seersucker, vintage and incredibly light.   I had just over a metre. Just enough to make a sleeveless top, I had to use bias on the seams binding and a contrast material under the collar.

How do you all take photos of yourselves I found it impossible, especially in my tiny cottage

At last with the help of someone, a really quick and easy top with so many options.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Eggs and Bunnies

Hope you all had a Happy Easter and had lots of eggs.  Aren't these rabbits just adorable, such a shame to eat them. YEAH right. Sadly not mine, My son bit into his and  got very excited because he thought it was all solid (the ears were) the little ribbons and bells I have tied around a door knob, as they were too sweet to throw away.

My daughters  best friend, who moved away was visiting York, so we headed out to meet her.  It is over 2 years since they last saw each other. It was an ejoyable Good Friday.  I wandered off  visiting my usual haunts like Cath Kidston.  Fell in love with this bag that was in the shop window.  It instantly reminded me of an embroidery I did years ago. 

A little crumpled as its been in my sewing box for sometime.  Do you think it would work.
I also wandered into York Minster. Such a beautiful pieceful place, amongst all the Bank Holiday mayhem, both inside and out.

Finally I would like to tell you about a lovely thankyou present I received from the  Louise over at Gephart 836.   Shes a  talented crafter,  who also writes amusing blogs  and  takes beautiful photos (wish I could).  Please pop over and view her blog.  I so look forward to reading her posts, and also to receiving her comments.    She  reminds me of myself, in many ways.  Burning the tea while on the computer.  Yes I am guilting of that one (I hate cooking) but she is far braver than me and writes about it.   Anyway she very kindly posted me a quilting magazine. I was truly overwhelmed as it was totally unexpected, and it had travelled so far.   My first ever quilting magazine as well, as its a new hobby for me.  Full of patterns, giving exact amounts of fabric, no working out quantities. 

There was a lovely article about a young girl and her adventures in patchwork and sewing. Reminded me of myself. 

She will be a marvellous sewer in years to come.

and also a CD was included. I spotted this tradional quilt pattern, which is very simple and unfussy, maybe for my son.   Thankyou  again Louise, you  make blogging for me Fun. 

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Dipping my Toes back into dressmaking

For as long as I can remember I have loved dressmaking, my earliest sewing memory is of me sitting on the doorstep trying to make clothes for Barbie.  When I was 11 years old I started using patterns, making seersucker pyjamas for myself.   One of the reasons I dont dressmake as much I did is the lack of recourses, we used to have 4-5 dress shops near us, now we have only 1. Yes we now have the web, but it just not the same as walking into a shop, drooling, touching, deciding, then walking out of the shop with your treasured purchase.

I have been receiving a subscription to a Sew Direct magazine, which I have really enjoyed reading, purchased some patterns and took the plunge and ordered some fabric (yes the sewing machine has returned) and Im geared to go.   

Here is the pattern that I chose to sew 
Vogue 1027 a Donna Karan pattern.
Whereever I stood Milly followed

Dont be decieved by the sun,  It was freezing cold

My fabric arrived. A little on the bright size and not as thick as I thought.  One of the drawbacks of buying on the web. 

No zips or buttons, an elasticated waist, and circular skirt with a wrapover top. It made up easy, though I absolutely hate working with knits (my friend says Im a control freak), and this was so bouncy and thin. For a full review visit the link on the right.  The dress is bright and Im not sure if I have the confidence to wear it.  I enjoyed  making it, and if it wasnt so bright I would probably wear it often,  I need to think of a colour to go with it that tones it down but not kill it.  It felt good to finish something and have that Ta! Da!  moment.  Im already cutting out the next project.  

Hope you are enjoying your weekend whatever your craft.

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