Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blooming Weather!.. Ideal for a spot of sewing

An April shower wont last half an hour.  Well Im not to sure about that one.   It has rained, now for about a week with just the odd hour of sunshine. 

at least the water isnt coming up onto the pavements, since we had the new pumping system put in, no more episodes like  this  (touch wood)

Even the cat doesn't want to go outside.
I'm waiting patiently to plant these potatoes, that have been on the  sill for what seems an eternity.
The tulips are looking nice though.  So whilst the weather  stops me from finishing sorting the garden out,  I continue to sew. 

Ive discovered the trick is to have a cutting out session.  So the other week I cut out three items to sew. I shall show you the first one today.  I had seen this pattern on another blog   

New Look 6808

I realised I had something similar in this Vogue pattern. I thought I could recreate  the above from this and add a collar.

Vogue 8667
Id made this pattern previously  but wasnt happy with the princess sea, it was way too high for me. So with the help of a friend I redrafted the top changing the princess seam into a vertical seamst seam.  Then I just added a collar, self drafted.

Isnt this fabric Soo beautiful. 
A petrol blue with large blossoms, I love it.  Its  36" wide seersucker, vintage and incredibly light.   I had just over a metre. Just enough to make a sleeveless top, I had to use bias on the seams binding and a contrast material under the collar.

How do you all take photos of yourselves I found it impossible, especially in my tiny cottage

At last with the help of someone, a really quick and easy top with so many options.


  1. Love your new top, it looks amazing! The rain has just arrived over my way, as I type, but unlike you we could use a few drops. Love your cat too. I'd love to find a pattern to make one for myself.

  2. Thanks louise, I made up the pattern for the cat. I love it. She's very retro and made from vintage fabrics.
    louise x

  3. You are clever,I wish I could make my own clothes.Love your top and the cat...gorgeous!
    Hope the rain has stopped where you are.It's really cold here today,I've just put the heating on again.Not May-like at all! :0)


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