Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Winters here

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Well it feels like winter here today.  The weelie bins are getting blown over with the large gusts of wind, they look like domino ralley all laid on there backs. The washings blowing a treat.  I feel a change of seasons upon us at No.23.

Fresh bedding and an extra winter blanket.  Im not a duvet person but  sheets and blanket, I find  suit us better.  This one cost me £3.00 from a local charity shop, and it feels like wool, even better.

 Its an intriguing pattern and I havent yet sussed out how it is made.  Each triangle appears to be made in one piece but I cannot fathom how they can be, maybe they were knitted on a circular needle. I would really like to know as it annoys me that I cant work it out.

heres the wrong side

and the right side

I know it isnt as pretty or co rdinated as any Cath Kidston bedding,   But I think there is something special about hand made blankets and cotton sheets.  
Oh Im SOoooo looking forward to my bed tonight

Monday, 21 November 2011

A Square a day (not meal!)

 While reading about  the lovely Julie over at Little Cotton Rabbits, and how she is on a mission to crochet a square a day, it reminded me of my own blanket that I crocheted  back in 1978, when I was in my first job.  I used to sit at my desk at lunchtime crocheting  a square a day.   My sister and her flatmate also started adding to it, hence there being no colour scheme to it at all. 

Its looking abit sad now, and its taken up residence in Millys basket, but in its heyday it was loved, especially by my niece, who, when visiting Grandmas in the summer holidays always asked for the bed with the pretty blanket (she's 39 this year!)

Keep your fingers crossed because tomorrow I am on a girly day out with 2 of my friends, we are all keen crafters.  But at the moment the one that is driving has got a rotten cold.  If we do go out we are heading to York.  We are intending to go to The Quilt Museum and also Barley Hall.  Now I am very excited about the barley hall visit,  because I get to see all the costumes from some of my favourite TV period dramas, Pride and Prejudice, Cranford, Larkrise to Candlford. The Duchess, The Kings Speach to name but a few  Im a big Jane Austin fan and  I  believe the BBC shine when they make a period drama.Pride and Prejudice 1995 - pride-and-prejudice-1995 photo


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Making a Mess

Ive been busy just lately and thought I would tackle the kitchen decoration and previously mentioned.  Hopefully if hubby pulls his finger out and does those little jobs that need doing we could get the ground floor done before Christmas, which would be great.  OK you dont know hubby, its easier to push treacle up a hill than get him to do DIY. Ive always said if my house looked like a car it would be finished by now. So on Thursday afternoon I started clearing things out and started painting.

What do you think of the colour, moolight white should I go for white?

                                                                                                         On Friday, I got my sons partner roped in to help. It turned out to be great fun.  We chose a good day for it. It was Children in Need day and they were playing nominations on Radio 2. Some really good varied music was on air.  Of course we were singing away, we especially enjoyed " Dont stop me now" by Queen, whoever nominated that one, thankyou.  We cracked on and got it 1 coat on and the ceiling done, even Milly helped!

Typical dog, getting her nose into everything

Its a tiny kitchen with lots of shelves and clutter it took quite a while to clear the walls.  

  I really dont mind decorating, but in a house as small as mine where do you put it all
We found this little ladybird hibernating ( I really must dust more often)
Dont worry! Hes in a better spot now.

Well must get sorted and get into town for more paint, maybe buy something new teatowels, and a few new cups. I also need to make some bunting, and a new peg bag. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Wonky Donkey

Hows your week been for you all out there.   Its been a nice week here.  Monday as usual I went to Mustard Seeds,  we had skeleton staff, so it was very busy.  I came away with a few nice tops from our table top counter.   Such bargains two sets of Per Una tops all new with tags.  Here is my favourite of the two

OOps! I should of ironed them first.  This does look better on than off.
<><><>   <>
Originally £29.50 down to £15.00 down to £3.00. I paid £2
Ive also been busy finishing my Nativity and the rest of the herd. Take a butchers.  2 Sheep and a Donkey with a wonky back leg.

<>  <>
Despite one leg shorter than the rest I think that wonky donkey is adorable
Here they all with the shepherds.  I will show you them all when then take up residence near Christmas. Pop back in.

Today was beautiful while out with Milly I took some photos so come for a quick walk round my village.

through the fields and over the bridge where in the summer trout and kingfishers can be spotted

through a cut where they have started on the new waste  pump.  hopefully no more floods again,leading onto....

This lovely leafy road.  I like this part of the walk  there are some really nice houses along here.

Onwards to the church

Dating back to the 11th century this beautiful church stands proud in the heart of the village

Past "cat country" Milly's on all alert here and homeward bound.  Did you enjoy that Milly?

I think so

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Nativities and Raspberries

What a week.  Its flown by but not very productive in the creativity department. Just as I was praising my bernina, it starts playing up.  It just will not feed fabric through.  After lots of cleaning, an oil and a needle change it still will not work.  I think that I may have caused it when I was quilting, probably not letting the walking foot do the walking. Oh well. Luckily I have another machine so I can still sew. I will have to  put the quilt to one side. That quilt is doomed Im beginning to think.

Anyway after a trip out with my daughter on Saturday I noticed there was quite a Christmas buzz  around the shops, which made me think about these little guys I started knitting last Christmas, Ive had them stored in a shoebox waiting to be completed.

 available here Alan Darts Nativity set
 Take a closer look

I like Joseph.

I just need to make two sheep, and a donkey   Sadly the version I bought doesnt have a Camel, but I may attempt to make one up. Im not a great lover of knitted toys, but I do like these and also these little Dickensian Party Mice

Dickensian Party Mice

Anyway, Ive just been out with Milly and collared my building friend, and hes going to make a stable with leftover oddments of wood.   So this year we should have a complete Nativity Scene.  Pictures to follow nearer Christmas.  Sorry for mentioning the Christmas word in November. 


And finally can there be a more sweeter taste than fresh  home grown, hand picked, organic Raspberries in the middle of November!!

I dont think so. Scrummy!!