Thursday, 17 November 2011

Wonky Donkey

Hows your week been for you all out there.   Its been a nice week here.  Monday as usual I went to Mustard Seeds,  we had skeleton staff, so it was very busy.  I came away with a few nice tops from our table top counter.   Such bargains two sets of Per Una tops all new with tags.  Here is my favourite of the two

OOps! I should of ironed them first.  This does look better on than off.
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Originally £29.50 down to £15.00 down to £3.00. I paid £2
Ive also been busy finishing my Nativity and the rest of the herd. Take a butchers.  2 Sheep and a Donkey with a wonky back leg.

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Despite one leg shorter than the rest I think that wonky donkey is adorable
Here they all with the shepherds.  I will show you them all when then take up residence near Christmas. Pop back in.

Today was beautiful while out with Milly I took some photos so come for a quick walk round my village.

through the fields and over the bridge where in the summer trout and kingfishers can be spotted

through a cut where they have started on the new waste  pump.  hopefully no more floods again,leading onto....

This lovely leafy road.  I like this part of the walk  there are some really nice houses along here.

Onwards to the church

Dating back to the 11th century this beautiful church stands proud in the heart of the village

Past "cat country" Milly's on all alert here and homeward bound.  Did you enjoy that Milly?

I think so

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  1. Sorry, I've been so busy and I forgot to leave on comment on your last post. I just ADORE your wonky donkey - he is too sweet! I wish I had the patience and skills to knit such a cute natvity set.
    What a steal on those tops, I wish we could pick up such bargins over here. Oh and your walk was lovely and your last photo made me laugh so hard! Looks like Milly enjoyed her walk.


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