Saturday, 19 November 2011

Making a Mess

Ive been busy just lately and thought I would tackle the kitchen decoration and previously mentioned.  Hopefully if hubby pulls his finger out and does those little jobs that need doing we could get the ground floor done before Christmas, which would be great.  OK you dont know hubby, its easier to push treacle up a hill than get him to do DIY. Ive always said if my house looked like a car it would be finished by now. So on Thursday afternoon I started clearing things out and started painting.

What do you think of the colour, moolight white should I go for white?

                                                                                                         On Friday, I got my sons partner roped in to help. It turned out to be great fun.  We chose a good day for it. It was Children in Need day and they were playing nominations on Radio 2. Some really good varied music was on air.  Of course we were singing away, we especially enjoyed " Dont stop me now" by Queen, whoever nominated that one, thankyou.  We cracked on and got it 1 coat on and the ceiling done, even Milly helped!

Typical dog, getting her nose into everything

Its a tiny kitchen with lots of shelves and clutter it took quite a while to clear the walls.  

  I really dont mind decorating, but in a house as small as mine where do you put it all
We found this little ladybird hibernating ( I really must dust more often)
Dont worry! Hes in a better spot now.

Well must get sorted and get into town for more paint, maybe buy something new teatowels, and a few new cups. I also need to make some bunting, and a new peg bag. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.

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  1. Your hubby sounds like mine! Mine's great at starting projects, but never finishing them - unless they involve the car.
    Your painting is looking very good, white is always such a good colour for the kitchen.
    Have a good weekend.


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