Monday, 21 November 2011

A Square a day (not meal!)

 While reading about  the lovely Julie over at Little Cotton Rabbits, and how she is on a mission to crochet a square a day, it reminded me of my own blanket that I crocheted  back in 1978, when I was in my first job.  I used to sit at my desk at lunchtime crocheting  a square a day.   My sister and her flatmate also started adding to it, hence there being no colour scheme to it at all. 

Its looking abit sad now, and its taken up residence in Millys basket, but in its heyday it was loved, especially by my niece, who, when visiting Grandmas in the summer holidays always asked for the bed with the pretty blanket (she's 39 this year!)

Keep your fingers crossed because tomorrow I am on a girly day out with 2 of my friends, we are all keen crafters.  But at the moment the one that is driving has got a rotten cold.  If we do go out we are heading to York.  We are intending to go to The Quilt Museum and also Barley Hall.  Now I am very excited about the barley hall visit,  because I get to see all the costumes from some of my favourite TV period dramas, Pride and Prejudice, Cranford, Larkrise to Candlford. The Duchess, The Kings Speach to name but a few  Im a big Jane Austin fan and  I  believe the BBC shine when they make a period drama.Pride and Prejudice 1995 - pride-and-prejudice-1995 photo



  1. I love your old blanket it. How wonderful that you still have it. Super jealous of your trip to Barley Hall. My favorite shows are pretty much the same as yours! I've just finised up season 2 of Larkrise to Candlford - brilliant and I've pratically worn out my DVD of Pride & Prejudice.

  2. York is a very interesting town.....perfect for a day out! AND Cath's shop is there too! Bonus!
    Have a great day!



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