Thursday, 10 November 2011

Nativities and Raspberries

What a week.  Its flown by but not very productive in the creativity department. Just as I was praising my bernina, it starts playing up.  It just will not feed fabric through.  After lots of cleaning, an oil and a needle change it still will not work.  I think that I may have caused it when I was quilting, probably not letting the walking foot do the walking. Oh well. Luckily I have another machine so I can still sew. I will have to  put the quilt to one side. That quilt is doomed Im beginning to think.

Anyway after a trip out with my daughter on Saturday I noticed there was quite a Christmas buzz  around the shops, which made me think about these little guys I started knitting last Christmas, Ive had them stored in a shoebox waiting to be completed.

 available here Alan Darts Nativity set
 Take a closer look

I like Joseph.

I just need to make two sheep, and a donkey   Sadly the version I bought doesnt have a Camel, but I may attempt to make one up. Im not a great lover of knitted toys, but I do like these and also these little Dickensian Party Mice

Dickensian Party Mice

Anyway, Ive just been out with Milly and collared my building friend, and hes going to make a stable with leftover oddments of wood.   So this year we should have a complete Nativity Scene.  Pictures to follow nearer Christmas.  Sorry for mentioning the Christmas word in November. 


And finally can there be a more sweeter taste than fresh  home grown, hand picked, organic Raspberries in the middle of November!!

I dont think so. Scrummy!!

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