Monday, 27 June 2011

A Birthday & A Vintage Bicycle

A busy couple of days. We were out in the sunshine on Sunday putting the old bicycle back together,  we started dismantling it in September. A joint project for hubbie and I.  Its our first attempt at renovating a vintage cycle, I know its not perfect, but its such an improvement.

Ive a black vintage Brooks saddle bag to add, Im also searching Ebay for a Brooks B17 saddle and grips, but for now I will probably put the old one back on. I just want to get back on my old bike
Im not sure whether to make one of these or keep the bike looking traditional
PDF Crochet Skirt Guards

they are so fun, and jolly.  But how do they stay clean? For all interested the pattern is available to purchase here

We have also celebrated a birthday at No.23
Sunday was my daughter's 15th birthday, how time flies

Today she has returned to her old playgroup to do her work experience. Making sandcastles and reading this book over and over and over again!


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Two Silly Sisters

Today my sister came to visit me, it was a beautiful day. "Lets take the dog for a walk, I know a good walk only a few miles" she said.  "OK" 

So off we went, my sister, my daughter and I.

"You do know where you are going, dont you"

It was a lovely walk across the Wolds.  It seemed ages before we saw a soul.  Very peaceful and warm.

4 miles and 1 and a half hours later, and my face taking on a glorious crimsom shade, we ended up outside a pub for much needed refreshment...  Just across the road from the park.

Who could resist

Two Silly Sisters with a combined age of nearly 11* having a whale of a time on the rides.

Im the heavier one on the left whose bottom is only 6 inches of the ground (how embarrassing)

 What is it about swing parks, that brings out the child within us.
A fun day to remember :)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Gifts galore

Ive been very creative this weekend.  Firstly for a lady I know, whose daughter gave birth last week some sweet little shoes with pearl buttons and frills.

the pattern is available here  Very quick to make I would definately recommend them. The box I made wasn't so good but hey ho!

Ive also been embroidering.  One of the old ladies I volunteer with at a Charity Shop, kindly gave me an embroidery to do. So I decided to get started on it. Its a cushion with its backing and made of natural linen. I've no idea how old it is, but some of the embroidery transfers she also gave me, were dated 1937.

Its interesting to know what it cost

the illustration and numbers are not true to the cloth so I am going to have to alter it.

I decided to keep to the colours specified trying to make it as original as possible.  Im still not sure whether I like them but I will persevere.  

I am not too sure about the black

What do you think?

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's Day

Remembering my Dad on Fathers Day. 
A gentleman in both senses of the word.
Happy Fathers Day .

Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Birthday Gift

My son's partner wanted to me to make her a bear, well a rabbit actually.  She wanted a white rabbit with big ears, a waistcoat and a carrot.

As it was her birthday, I decided to make her one as a surprise. So here he is.   He turned out to be quite a stocky little fella.  She was frilled to bits and thinks that she will name him Billy after the rabbit below.

Billy was a sweet tiny rabbit, when we bought him from the pet shop some years ago. He turned out to be quite a large rabbit,  we had never had a rabbit before and he became abit too big for our young  daughter to handle.  Someone we know works at Cruckley Animal Farm (a very popular hands-on working farm) and he went to live a happy life there. 

Apparantly he got so big he used to have trouble getting down the burrows. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A day at the Seaside

Today I went to Bridlington, I have to say it was a glorious day and good company. 

We arrived quite early, it was lovely, very quiet and peaceful. Of course it was mid week term time, a completely different atmosphere.

I must have looked a right sight with big floppy hat and my glasses perched on the end of my nose knitting away.  Also trousers slightly rolled up to catch the sun  (I will spare you a photo)

The seafront has had a big makeover.  Some I am not too sure about, abit too modern for me.  I was the only one in our small group that thought this.  Maybe I am too nostalgic, this is after all my home town.
This probably looks quite spectacular when lit up at night

It all looks very fresh and new

The Spa Theatre, standing very proud.  It has had a total redevelopment. Its a classic 1930's ballroom and Edwardian theatre.  I have fond memories of going to "The teenage disco" on a Tuesday and dancing to Tiger Feet.

You can still buy the deckchairs at the usual place

Whoever was working on this must have had a late night, the night before.

On the way back we stopped, and got out to take a photograph of this lovely field, beautiful. Im sure passers by in their cars thought we must have got out for a quick pee behind the bushes!!!

Monday, 13 June 2011

In the garden

A few days ago I was in the garden taking photos.  .
The new climbing rose will look great next year, it will hide the trampoline and compost bin nicely.
The Raspberries are flourishing
Something the birds dropped in

A passion for poppies
But then it rained

Ahh well at least it will do the garden good!!
Tomorrow I will be heading to Bridlington where my friend has a chalet for the week, hope its sunny.