Monday, 20 June 2011

Gifts galore

Ive been very creative this weekend.  Firstly for a lady I know, whose daughter gave birth last week some sweet little shoes with pearl buttons and frills.

the pattern is available here  Very quick to make I would definately recommend them. The box I made wasn't so good but hey ho!

Ive also been embroidering.  One of the old ladies I volunteer with at a Charity Shop, kindly gave me an embroidery to do. So I decided to get started on it. Its a cushion with its backing and made of natural linen. I've no idea how old it is, but some of the embroidery transfers she also gave me, were dated 1937.

Its interesting to know what it cost

the illustration and numbers are not true to the cloth so I am going to have to alter it.

I decided to keep to the colours specified trying to make it as original as possible.  Im still not sure whether I like them but I will persevere.  

I am not too sure about the black

What do you think?

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