Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Birthday Gift

My son's partner wanted to me to make her a bear, well a rabbit actually.  She wanted a white rabbit with big ears, a waistcoat and a carrot.

As it was her birthday, I decided to make her one as a surprise. So here he is.   He turned out to be quite a stocky little fella.  She was frilled to bits and thinks that she will name him Billy after the rabbit below.

Billy was a sweet tiny rabbit, when we bought him from the pet shop some years ago. He turned out to be quite a large rabbit,  we had never had a rabbit before and he became abit too big for our young  daughter to handle.  Someone we know works at Cruckley Animal Farm (a very popular hands-on working farm) and he went to live a happy life there. 

Apparantly he got so big he used to have trouble getting down the burrows. 

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