Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A day at the Seaside

Today I went to Bridlington, I have to say it was a glorious day and good company. 

We arrived quite early, it was lovely, very quiet and peaceful. Of course it was mid week term time, a completely different atmosphere.

I must have looked a right sight with big floppy hat and my glasses perched on the end of my nose knitting away.  Also trousers slightly rolled up to catch the sun  (I will spare you a photo)

The seafront has had a big makeover.  Some I am not too sure about, abit too modern for me.  I was the only one in our small group that thought this.  Maybe I am too nostalgic, this is after all my home town.
This probably looks quite spectacular when lit up at night

It all looks very fresh and new

The Spa Theatre, standing very proud.  It has had a total redevelopment. Its a classic 1930's ballroom and Edwardian theatre.  I have fond memories of going to "The teenage disco" on a Tuesday and dancing to Tiger Feet.

You can still buy the deckchairs at the usual place

Whoever was working on this must have had a late night, the night before.

On the way back we stopped, and got out to take a photograph of this lovely field, beautiful. Im sure passers by in their cars thought we must have got out for a quick pee behind the bushes!!!

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