Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Crafting with a Plonker!

The quilt.  If you can remember I couldnt quilt it without a special walking foot for my machine, so I have painstakingly sat and quilted it by hand.  Well I finally finished it, I was so delighted and was ready to finish it off.  So off I went up upstairs all set to bind the edges when I spotted this information about the wadding Id used
Oh No!! I definately have spaces of more than 4".  My heart sank, all that time for nothing, there is no way I am prepared to sit and quilt the entire thing with 4" gaps by hand. So I have now come full cycle and I'm watching a walking feet for my precious Bernina on Ebay. (hoping I get a bargain).

I also have quite a stash of fabric and thought that it was about time I used some of them up. so I  have joined Sewdirect, a monthly magazine for dressmakers, which give you 2 free patterns when you subscribe. Im drawn to these two pieces of fabrics from my stash

A random polka dot in a very dark navy  (I love polka dots)

also this little gem

4 metres of  36" wide vintage fabric.  Yes only £1.59

  from my favourite RSPCA shop
 (I love this charity shop , its so old fashioned. They make there price tags from christmas cards. Such a treasure I hope it doesnt change.) 

Anyway I thought that they were crying out to be made into 50s' style dresses.  I decided to order this lovely vintage dress pattern so I could use these fabrics

What I failed to do was measure how much material I actually have.  the polka dots I have only 2.50 metres, which is not enough.  So I have 2 options (1) not make the skirt so full or (2) use a contrast for the top section of the bodice dress, neither option ideal.  I just cannot believe I was so stupid not to check I had enough fabric.

As Delboy would say to Rodney  "WHAT A PLONKER!!"

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Boy, did it rain!

British weather, dont we just love to talk about it, mostly moan about it.  Sunday, Monday and today has been to me unbearable heat, very muggy. But in the space of half an hour I was looking at this out of my window

This is our road!!

It thundered, it lightened, and it rained.... and rained..... so much that this happened....

When it rains hard,  a main drain on the corner of our road cannot cope and the lid lifts, and our little road becomes a river.

We live on an old main road in our village and this little village has become too big, and our old drains cannot cope.  Can you see that around the corner the rain isnt sitting, theres like a line in the middle of the road  where it suddenly starts.

My daughter and I sit at the window and watch the cars ploughing through. Ironicly its the 4 x4s that go the slowest!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Thrifty Patchwork Quilt

Today would have been my mother's birthday, she would have been 90. She was a very strong-willed Yorkshire woman, very hardworking and totally devoted to being a mother and housewife, as you can imagine I miss her very much . I will not waffle on, but when next you see your mother give her a big warm hug.

Mum looking very elegent (with my eldest brother)  late 1940's

 On a different note,  I started making a quilt and I know it is not perfect, but Im pleased with it for a  first attempt. Of course I blame Hen for this sudden impulse to quilt, and I have to say its such fun. Im already thinking about the next.

Because there is nothing good on the TV these days, I have taken to sewing alot more, Ive been sitting at the kitchen table on the evening with the french doors open, quilting till my little fingers get sore (solely because I cannot afford a walking foot for my machine £70.00)  Its been thoroughly enjoyable, the evening being  the best time of the day for my as I am not a sun lover.
By the way the quilt is made from a cotton duvet that I no longer use and the patterns are fabric samples from my local painter and decorators shop FREE  of Course, what a nice man.  Mostly Sandersons, I do hope they dont shrink!!  I will show you the finished result very  soon.  So I been surfing the net looking at patchwork fabrics what a selection out there.

Isnt this fabric fun I think I shall have to order some and make myself a pinnie
MM Dysfunctional Family 1/2 METRE

Inked Multi 6684AR
My daughter on the other hand likes this print, very 70s looking, which I believe is classed as vintage, how mad is that!! ( sorry I cannot get her to embrace what I class as proper vintage)  I like this very clever and artistic and my era