Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Thrifty Patchwork Quilt

Today would have been my mother's birthday, she would have been 90. She was a very strong-willed Yorkshire woman, very hardworking and totally devoted to being a mother and housewife, as you can imagine I miss her very much . I will not waffle on, but when next you see your mother give her a big warm hug.

Mum looking very elegent (with my eldest brother)  late 1940's

 On a different note,  I started making a quilt and I know it is not perfect, but Im pleased with it for a  first attempt. Of course I blame Hen for this sudden impulse to quilt, and I have to say its such fun. Im already thinking about the next.

Because there is nothing good on the TV these days, I have taken to sewing alot more, Ive been sitting at the kitchen table on the evening with the french doors open, quilting till my little fingers get sore (solely because I cannot afford a walking foot for my machine £70.00)  Its been thoroughly enjoyable, the evening being  the best time of the day for my as I am not a sun lover.
By the way the quilt is made from a cotton duvet that I no longer use and the patterns are fabric samples from my local painter and decorators shop FREE  of Course, what a nice man.  Mostly Sandersons, I do hope they dont shrink!!  I will show you the finished result very  soon.  So I been surfing the net looking at patchwork fabrics what a selection out there.

Isnt this fabric fun I think I shall have to order some and make myself a pinnie
MM Dysfunctional Family 1/2 METRE

Inked Multi 6684AR
My daughter on the other hand likes this print, very 70s looking, which I believe is classed as vintage, how mad is that!! ( sorry I cannot get her to embrace what I class as proper vintage)  I like this very clever and artistic and my era


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