Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Boy, did it rain!

British weather, dont we just love to talk about it, mostly moan about it.  Sunday, Monday and today has been to me unbearable heat, very muggy. But in the space of half an hour I was looking at this out of my window

This is our road!!

It thundered, it lightened, and it rained.... and rained..... so much that this happened....

When it rains hard,  a main drain on the corner of our road cannot cope and the lid lifts, and our little road becomes a river.

We live on an old main road in our village and this little village has become too big, and our old drains cannot cope.  Can you see that around the corner the rain isnt sitting, theres like a line in the middle of the road  where it suddenly starts.

My daughter and I sit at the window and watch the cars ploughing through. Ironicly its the 4 x4s that go the slowest!

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