Monday, 17 December 2012

Poorly computer

Blogging has been a bit absent, our computer has decided it's had enough, and given up on us, in reality more than poorly, kaput.  Thankfully I have  my tablet but no facilities to upload  photos from the camera.  We shall head off to the sales,(which seem to start at Christmas) and grab a bargain, so please excuse my absence of posting.

I hope you are all ready for Christmas, I did my last panic shop on Saturday like everyone else I expect. Now all the pressies are under the tree.
 However when we returned on Saturday, Milly had managed to open a box of Ferrer rochers  and ate 6 of them. Today some bodybutter had been opened, when I came back from Mustard seeds, it seems I am constantly re-wrapping and replacing.

 I am delighted to tell you there has been another sale of my bears,  the little koala  a cheeky smile. Such brilliant news, these sales have given  me such a boost, my mind is buzzing with ideas for 2013.  I feel so blessed.
 Louise x