Friday, 28 September 2012

Another Grand Day Out

Today I went on a trip to Shipley in Yorkshire, there was just a few of us on one of the villages minibus'.  We were stopped off at Salts Mill, a Grade II former textile mill, which has been turned into shops, museum and gallery. 

This place is beautiful inside with its lofty ceilings and  light flooding through. A lot of the original features still intact.

Some fab books and calendars on this table, Love the little black dress calendar on the left.

My friend thinks they may have  kept the cotton spools here in these slots, any ideas?

Some beautiful pieces of pottery and art work.

An exhibition on costume design by local students.  A walk along the canal afterwards (we got lost and nearly missed the bus home), and visits to various craft and fabric shops.  More of that to come.   Yes a very pleasant day out.
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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Vogue 8151

I have been busy making up some of my materials, before I head over to Saltaire tomorrow on a coach trip and also a visit to The Shuttle to stock up with fabric.  

Do not be deceived by appearances. For behind that door is an Aladdins cave, and whats even better they are all bargains.
  Im so excited, I may burst!! 

So here is what I've been making. 

The top was made from some ridiculously cheap fabric I bought that my friend thought was hideous, It was worth buying just to practice with.  The pattern is Vogue 8151.  

Okay, so I made the wrapover top with 3/4 sleeves and I was going to rouche it up like on the pattern with the elastic,  but decided against adding extra bulk around my tummy, mind you it seems to do it on its own accord,  I kept the original length.    I  especially like the band on the neck, which gives a lovely firm edge.  The pattern was big on me, Im new to Vogue patterns so I haven't sussed them out yet. The only way this top was going to work for my figure was if I nipped it in at the waist, for more shape. Im pleased with the results, not too sure if brown is my colour, and without the bright skirt I would feel quite drab.

The skirt is made in the brightest possible pink baby cord.  It is part of the mini wardrobe in my previous posts.  Its self drafted, with three sections on the front and top stitched, a centre back zip and curved petersham waistband .  
  I do so love colour :-)

Thursday, 6 September 2012


The other day I commented on a sewing blog.  The topic was about trying out new and different style of patterns, but sometimes them not being successful.  There were some interesting comments made.  I stated I tended to stick to what suits my shape. I suppose I have found my style.   

From a dressmaking aspect I think there is nothing more disappointing that making something and then finding you look a "dogs dinner" in it, and believe me I have had those experiences.  I re-read my comment later when revisiting, and thought I sounded staid.  Where had my sense of adventure gone?
So yesterday when out shopping and catching up with my friend, I tried to think out of the box and not look at my usual purchases. I find buying clothes a dilemma, especially when you get into a certain age bracket.  I am too old to be wearing styles similar to what my teenage daughter wears, but I dont want to wear twinsets.  I thought I had it right, until I saw someone a great deal older than myself  in a similar outfit. AAH!! 
Im making slow progress, and it isnt going to happen overnight. I tried on my first pair of leggings, a pair of bootleg jeans and a loose casual smock top.    It was an interesting experiment.  I came to the conclusion that I suit fitted clothing best, but it doesn't have to be so structured.

So I purchased these lovely shoes in a local charity shop.  They are as soft as slippers.  But not my usual choice. 

I also came across this book, Ive been searching on  Ebay for ages for one, so I was really chuffed to find it.  I had this book in the 80s' I paid £14.00 for it then.  Dont know what happened to it.  This one cost £1.00, a bargain.  This is going to be so useful, for tweaking patterns. I definately recommend it.
I also found this fabric, a jersey fabric, which I love to wear, but don't like sewing with.  4 metres for £1.49. I love bargains. Ive already cut out a top in it. Fabric choice is so poor here so, seeing something different is great.  

So what is your view on fashion?  
Id love to know.

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Sew Along Mini Wardrobe

Okay, so as I said,  I am back and refreshed and rearing to go.  Ive  joined a sew along on pattern creating a mini wardrobe.

 Firstly I do not have a great deal of patterns, I look to purchase one, then think, " well that’s like what I have but its different here",  so I end up using an existing pattern  and tweaking it.  So I am using up what is in my stash and trying to put them to what I already have in patterns.  So Here goes......
Top to Bottom
grey silk 
purple/white polka dot 
shocking pink  stretch baby  corduroy 
grey hairy fabric 
grey stretch twill

Grey silk 
This is a dress I had given that I intend to re-use.  Who can resist silk. Id like to make a camisole top maybe Vogue 1042

 Thats if I can master the bust adjustment on it.  I have tried 2 muslins, and still not happy with the look.  Of course this will depend on if there is enough fabric, so nothing concrete there.

 Rose and Hubble purple/white fabric
This is a remnant from a dress I made for my daughter  there is about 1.25 metres, its so vibrant I love it.  I am hoping to make a top similar to New Look 6808  with cap sleeves, and hopefully a bow if  there is enough of it.

Shocking pink stretch baby corduroy 
Ive already cut this out and I will be making a straight skirt, below the knee, with a concealed zip.  (self drafted) to go with the polka dot top

Soft grey hairy knit

Ok Ive had this material a few years and Ive still not used it. Do you ever have a piece of  material so long that you wonder why you bought it to begin with.  Well this is how I feel about this. 

 PhotoI have Vogue  8770 which I haven't used yet, but I am not sure whether it would work and I should maybe buy McCalls 52411 or a similar style jacketPhoto

Grey stretch twill

I have enough to make a dress, but I think it would feel too work-wear for me.  I intend to make some trousers (pants) to go with the hairy grey material above, and the silk top. I will most likely use Vogue 1042  as mentioned above.

Hope that all makes sense.  Now that was the easy part. Id better get cracking.

Two posts in one day, I am on form, I shall have to go on holiday more often.

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A Little Jolly Holiday

Well  I have just returned and feel refreshed from a little holiday in the Peak District.  I SOoo love the Peak District, and despite the weather (we had 17mm of rain) it was lovely to escape the everyday routine.  So grab a cuppa and sit back and enjoy a few holiday snaps

Our lovely little double fronted  stone cottage with the blue door nestled in a the hope valley, a nice unspoilt village.
After the rain had eased a bit we went to The derwant reservoir dam. I love it here, I think it is beautiful. The water levels were very high

During the World War II the Derwent Dam was used to practice low flying for the Dambusters Raid.   
Onward and Upward.  The sun was trying to break through
What a view!! It was so peaceful.
 I felt like I was on top of the world.

We also visited the Spa Town Buxton.   It had some beautiful architecture. Always worth a photo in my eyes
The bandstand.  Shame it wasn't in use.

The crescent, undergoing restoration.

This lovely pavilion with its bunting made me smile.
Yes we will be going back to Derbyshire.  Hopefully soon.
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