Monday, 3 September 2012

Sew Along Mini Wardrobe

Okay, so as I said,  I am back and refreshed and rearing to go.  Ive  joined a sew along on pattern creating a mini wardrobe.

 Firstly I do not have a great deal of patterns, I look to purchase one, then think, " well that’s like what I have but its different here",  so I end up using an existing pattern  and tweaking it.  So I am using up what is in my stash and trying to put them to what I already have in patterns.  So Here goes......
Top to Bottom
grey silk 
purple/white polka dot 
shocking pink  stretch baby  corduroy 
grey hairy fabric 
grey stretch twill

Grey silk 
This is a dress I had given that I intend to re-use.  Who can resist silk. Id like to make a camisole top maybe Vogue 1042

 Thats if I can master the bust adjustment on it.  I have tried 2 muslins, and still not happy with the look.  Of course this will depend on if there is enough fabric, so nothing concrete there.

 Rose and Hubble purple/white fabric
This is a remnant from a dress I made for my daughter  there is about 1.25 metres, its so vibrant I love it.  I am hoping to make a top similar to New Look 6808  with cap sleeves, and hopefully a bow if  there is enough of it.

Shocking pink stretch baby corduroy 
Ive already cut this out and I will be making a straight skirt, below the knee, with a concealed zip.  (self drafted) to go with the polka dot top

Soft grey hairy knit

Ok Ive had this material a few years and Ive still not used it. Do you ever have a piece of  material so long that you wonder why you bought it to begin with.  Well this is how I feel about this. 

 PhotoI have Vogue  8770 which I haven't used yet, but I am not sure whether it would work and I should maybe buy McCalls 52411 or a similar style jacketPhoto

Grey stretch twill

I have enough to make a dress, but I think it would feel too work-wear for me.  I intend to make some trousers (pants) to go with the hairy grey material above, and the silk top. I will most likely use Vogue 1042  as mentioned above.

Hope that all makes sense.  Now that was the easy part. Id better get cracking.

Two posts in one day, I am on form, I shall have to go on holiday more often.

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  1. Loving your fabric and your pattern choices. Will be great to see it all sewn up. And I admire your constraint on pattern buying. I can't help myself and have ammassed over 100 since Oct last year (when I started sewing).

  2. Love your patterns and the fabric. You are way more adventurous than me when it comes to sewing clothes! Can't wait to see your fabulous creations.

  3. Ok I had a rotten day, yesterday, not much progress made. This could take a while.
    100 patterns! Way too much choice for me, Id never get started, Im too indecisive
    louise x

  4. Ah, Vogue 1042. . .so much promise, so little delivery. I still check up on reviews of that pattern every few months to see if anyone else has had joy from it.

    My alterations to fit a D cup are at Stitcher's Guild,9204.msg155426.html#msg155426

    and Clio's blog has a discussion with more links and info on how she approached it

  5. Yes, I love that top but with a large bust it is going to be a challenge. Think I will leave it till last.


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