Thursday, 6 September 2012


The other day I commented on a sewing blog.  The topic was about trying out new and different style of patterns, but sometimes them not being successful.  There were some interesting comments made.  I stated I tended to stick to what suits my shape. I suppose I have found my style.   

From a dressmaking aspect I think there is nothing more disappointing that making something and then finding you look a "dogs dinner" in it, and believe me I have had those experiences.  I re-read my comment later when revisiting, and thought I sounded staid.  Where had my sense of adventure gone?
So yesterday when out shopping and catching up with my friend, I tried to think out of the box and not look at my usual purchases. I find buying clothes a dilemma, especially when you get into a certain age bracket.  I am too old to be wearing styles similar to what my teenage daughter wears, but I dont want to wear twinsets.  I thought I had it right, until I saw someone a great deal older than myself  in a similar outfit. AAH!! 
Im making slow progress, and it isnt going to happen overnight. I tried on my first pair of leggings, a pair of bootleg jeans and a loose casual smock top.    It was an interesting experiment.  I came to the conclusion that I suit fitted clothing best, but it doesn't have to be so structured.

So I purchased these lovely shoes in a local charity shop.  They are as soft as slippers.  But not my usual choice. 

I also came across this book, Ive been searching on  Ebay for ages for one, so I was really chuffed to find it.  I had this book in the 80s' I paid £14.00 for it then.  Dont know what happened to it.  This one cost £1.00, a bargain.  This is going to be so useful, for tweaking patterns. I definately recommend it.
I also found this fabric, a jersey fabric, which I love to wear, but don't like sewing with.  4 metres for £1.49. I love bargains. Ive already cut out a top in it. Fabric choice is so poor here so, seeing something different is great.  

So what is your view on fashion?  
Id love to know.

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  1. Cudos for being brave and buying outside your comfort zone. I have been stuck in a rut for some years now (black black black and to coordinate - black and tan / white etc.) I am only now dragging myself out but like you am struggling for style. I read a blog from LaSewista (Bunny) and she recommended going into a shop and trying on everything in your size without "choosing" what you are going to try on - try them all - and take pictures if you can - and you may be surprised.

  2. Thats sounds a good idea I may just try that when shopping again

  3. Now that I've lost weight I'm really starting to enjoy shopping for clothes and maybe I am dressing a bit young for my age..but who cares.I LOVE the fact I can now wear leggings and size 12tops from Primani.Wear what makes you happy and confident and you can't go wrong. :0)

  4. Gosh Louise, are you sure we weren't separated at birth??? I am terrible for wearing exactly the same thing all the time, just in varying similar shades or slightly different styles. I am trying very hard to be more adventurous, but I too find that I feel stuck between wearing something too young or too old! It must be something to do with our age? I LOVE those shoes. I am sure they look fabulous on. Congrats on being brave and trying new stuff. You have inspired me to do the same!


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