Monday, 3 September 2012

A Little Jolly Holiday

Well  I have just returned and feel refreshed from a little holiday in the Peak District.  I SOoo love the Peak District, and despite the weather (we had 17mm of rain) it was lovely to escape the everyday routine.  So grab a cuppa and sit back and enjoy a few holiday snaps

Our lovely little double fronted  stone cottage with the blue door nestled in a the hope valley, a nice unspoilt village.
After the rain had eased a bit we went to The derwant reservoir dam. I love it here, I think it is beautiful. The water levels were very high

During the World War II the Derwent Dam was used to practice low flying for the Dambusters Raid.   
Onward and Upward.  The sun was trying to break through
What a view!! It was so peaceful.
 I felt like I was on top of the world.

We also visited the Spa Town Buxton.   It had some beautiful architecture. Always worth a photo in my eyes
The bandstand.  Shame it wasn't in use.

The crescent, undergoing restoration.

This lovely pavilion with its bunting made me smile.
Yes we will be going back to Derbyshire.  Hopefully soon.
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  1. Beautiful photos! Sounds like you had a lovely holiday.

  2. Nice pics - lovely part of this Earth.


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