Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Crafting with a Plonker!

The quilt.  If you can remember I couldnt quilt it without a special walking foot for my machine, so I have painstakingly sat and quilted it by hand.  Well I finally finished it, I was so delighted and was ready to finish it off.  So off I went up upstairs all set to bind the edges when I spotted this information about the wadding Id used
Oh No!! I definately have spaces of more than 4".  My heart sank, all that time for nothing, there is no way I am prepared to sit and quilt the entire thing with 4" gaps by hand. So I have now come full cycle and I'm watching a walking feet for my precious Bernina on Ebay. (hoping I get a bargain).

I also have quite a stash of fabric and thought that it was about time I used some of them up. so I  have joined Sewdirect, a monthly magazine for dressmakers, which give you 2 free patterns when you subscribe. Im drawn to these two pieces of fabrics from my stash

A random polka dot in a very dark navy  (I love polka dots)

also this little gem

4 metres of  36" wide vintage fabric.  Yes only £1.59

  from my favourite RSPCA shop
 (I love this charity shop , its so old fashioned. They make there price tags from christmas cards. Such a treasure I hope it doesnt change.) 

Anyway I thought that they were crying out to be made into 50s' style dresses.  I decided to order this lovely vintage dress pattern so I could use these fabrics

What I failed to do was measure how much material I actually have.  the polka dots I have only 2.50 metres, which is not enough.  So I have 2 options (1) not make the skirt so full or (2) use a contrast for the top section of the bodice dress, neither option ideal.  I just cannot believe I was so stupid not to check I had enough fabric.

As Delboy would say to Rodney  "WHAT A PLONKER!!"