Thursday, 13 October 2011

Long time No See

Well it seems ages since I was last posting, days so quickly turn into weeks, and before you know it its Autumn. I cannot believe the wonderful weather we had earlier on in September, Harvest time is one of my favourite times of the year ....
 I love to see the fields with bales of hay stacked.  Im definately a country girl at heart. This so reminds me of my childhood. 

Its such a hive of activity on our road  with combiners and  tractors going backwards and forwards, working from dawn to dusk.  Trailers full of potatoes or hay piled a mile high.  (this kind of heavy traffic I dont mind, after all we are rural.) 
I tried to get a photo of the hay coming past our window, all stacked high on the back of the truck, towering over our little cottage, but sadly I wasnt quick enough with the camera and just caught it going around the corner, it makes a nice change from a delivery truck.
Im now mobile having finally got the vintage bicycle restored.  Its lovely to be back in the saddle!! so to speak. Ive missed the old bike.

At the end of September I organised a coffee and cake afternoon as part of the Macmillian Coffee Morning appeal,  calling on good friends to help and bake.

Its amazing what a few balloons and bunting can do to the Church Rooms

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves

We raised £130.55, which wasnt bad going for a couple of hours. 
All the cakes sold well  except my little choccie buns (No surprise there, Id much rather sew than bake)
<><><> <> <><><> <>
(a friend took these photos, she wasnt sure how to use the camera!)

When I got home,  I had a  few stickers spare, my daughter and I soon found a use for them!!

Im still quilting but sadly I havent yet got that blessed walking foot.  Ive now started another quilt, I find quilting very addictive.  Yes I know I should finish the other one first.  You can catch a little glimpse of it resting on the back of the sofa above.

Its a lovely mix of purples, pinks and blues, I will post some better pictures.  Im just going to have to buy a new foot as I cannot wait any longer. Having never used one before I do hope it lives up my expectations.  

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