Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Annual Auction

Every year we have an annual auction in our Village Hall.  Everything is donated and the donations go towards the upkeep of the Hall.  It is an event that my friend and I look forward to.

Not only do you get a bargain (always a pleasure) but you have a laugh usually at the expense of one of the helpers. All good fun.

So on Saturday morning we set off at 9.45 for the table top sale.  Sometimes if you give them a good offer they will sell things there and then instead of putting into the auction later in the day.  I told my friend, trying to be very sensible "I am looking for a  typist's chair to put at my sewing table and  old christmas decorations". My house is fit to burst, so nothing more.
My friend on the other hand had sternly been informed by her mother not to buy anything (a hoarder who just cannot say no!)

I came away with these

A Rattan storage basket  with lid £2.00
Plastic measuring cup 50p
Mixing bowl no fancy make but it has a lovely yellow outer (for hubbie, for when he bakes bread) 50p
Massive tablecloth, which I believe is 100% cotton 50p.  This will probably be a backing on future quilts.   Not bad eh!  

My friend was very sensible and bought a small bag of needlecrafts, inside was an unused sampler for the coronation of the queen with a little letter dated 1953  Amazing someone kept them that long. 

In the afternoon I sat on my hands and didnt bid.  However my friend bought a old sewing machine £1.00, stool 50p, crafting table 50p shall I go on............. Our other friend took a  sum of money to buy a 2 piece suite, and got it for £2.00 (YES £2.00) I was drooling over a little gold dralon nursing chair which needed recovering, it went for £8.00, I so wanted it but I have no room ITS NOT FAIR!!

What bargains have you got recently?


  1. Sounds like a really fun event - and what bargains!

  2. It is, at the end of the day any items not sold, you can make a silly offer! They do not want to be left with anything.

  3. Sounds like you had a fantastic time and got some real treasures. I love the yellow bowl. I cannot believe how cheaply the items sold for - a sewing machine for 1 pound! How much fun that must be.

  4. I like the bowl, very much!

    My best bargain was a new cushion cover from ebay!



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