Friday, 28 October 2011

Christmas has come early

Today I just knew that it was going to be a lovely day, the sun was out. (Yes I talk about the weather alot, but you know, when you have alot of rotten weather, you really appreciate it when the sun shines).  It instantly uplifts me.

So when I opened my curtains this morning, these lovely sweet peas  were sitting smiling at me, good start.


Then while walking the dog, I noticed these birds soaking up the rays in a sunny corner of the mere.

But overall this is what has really bought the big fat sunny smile to my face. 
After weeks of drooling over it
followed by.....
Weeks of missing out on Ebay, to finally WIN one, only to find out it was not what was described. 
followed by.... 
Weeks of endless negotiation and phone calls to get a refund. 
to finally.........
Purchase one at full price.   This little beauty dropped in my letterbox today

accompanied by an nice apology and 2 free packets of needles because he was a week late posting. Talk about making a girl suffer!!!

Yes I know its only a walking foot but to me its all my Christmass' rolled into one.  Oh the creations I can hopefully acheive with this little foot.  Im so excited I havent even checked to see if it fits my machine yet!!! There will be tears before bedtime if it doesnt.

Happy blogging I may be gone a while....   Louise (kidding)

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