Friday, 14 October 2011

Quilting Fun

Just a recap on my last post, just when I though autumn was here  the sun came out and shone on Yorkshire. 

It is wonderful going out on the old bike again especially in this sort of weather.  The wind from the wolds is strong, a warm wind, at the moment, but very bitter in winter. Of course,  I ride it like an old lady, slow and steady, and I get miffed when I get overtaken, especially if they are older than me!!!.  My next job is some panniers for the back, jolly red ones I think.  Lots of  cyclists on blogs I follow name there bicycles, I havent.... yet.  As it was lovely and sunny I took the quilt out into the garden to show you a better picture, doesnt it look wonderful, next to the cycle.

I played around with the patterns for sometime with the quilt (arent digital cameras brilliant for this, click then compare.) I enjoy this part, mixing the colours around.

first I tried this idea

we also thought about traditional  small squares. My daughter decided on the 1st option, but as I had limited fabric I decided to only use 2 colours to the pattern and put spaces of purple inbetween.  Being a novice quilter I thought this was easier incase I didnt get good joins on my seams.

but in the end as we started putting the patterns together, we ended up going off a tangent and this is the end result. I know its not pefect, but my daughter loves it. Very young and vibrant. I cant wait to finish it.

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