Saturday, 25 June 2011

Two Silly Sisters

Today my sister came to visit me, it was a beautiful day. "Lets take the dog for a walk, I know a good walk only a few miles" she said.  "OK" 

So off we went, my sister, my daughter and I.

"You do know where you are going, dont you"

It was a lovely walk across the Wolds.  It seemed ages before we saw a soul.  Very peaceful and warm.

4 miles and 1 and a half hours later, and my face taking on a glorious crimsom shade, we ended up outside a pub for much needed refreshment...  Just across the road from the park.

Who could resist

Two Silly Sisters with a combined age of nearly 11* having a whale of a time on the rides.

Im the heavier one on the left whose bottom is only 6 inches of the ground (how embarrassing)

 What is it about swing parks, that brings out the child within us.
A fun day to remember :)

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