Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Enjoying June

Well how was your jubilee weekend?  On Monday I took a stroll up to the local village hall as they were have a tea party.
Stopped at the mere to take a pic of the signets while I could.  Not usually possible when you have a dog with you.  A couple of years ago whilst walking the dog, minding my own business, I got chased up the main street by a goose.  Scared the pants of me!!

Not a brilliant picture they were heading back to the island

A few houses were decorated

I arranged to met a few friends and there we took tea  "Bettys" style, with 50s music.  

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We arrived early, which was just as well as later on people were queueing down the street for a seat (abit like Bettys except no tourists). 

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I loved the Childrens bunting along the walls

The menu of the day was cucumber, ham and coronation chicken sandwiches, followed by fingers sized cakes.  Very nice indeed.
In the evening we went to an event on the local school field, tug of war, stalls, wellie throwing, etc finished off with fireworks, forgot the camera DOH! 

Hope you all enjoyed you 4-day bank holiday weekend.
Ending on a personal high note for moi, I visited an Art Gallery and I showed the owner some of the handmade bears that I created, She loved my work and wants to do a display of them at Christmas. I am so excited at the prospect of my work being in her gallery. So I have been very creative over the last week or so, here are a few so far. They are made mainly from german mohair, with  hand knitted alpaca knitwear and vintage fabrics and lace, some have accessories to go with them, I havent finished them yet.  

Hope you like them
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  1. I am in love with your bears. I can't decide which one I love the most!!!!

  2. Who could resist those gorgeous bears?
    Looks like a really fun Jubilee was had by all! :0)


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