Thursday, 21 June 2012

Portia the Piglet

Ive been so busy creating latelyr.   So just a quick update.  The pigs finally finished and Im very pleased with her, these little bears take such a lot of thought and time to create.  Im so particular how they will look, I could make a dress quicker!

The pig is called Portia and and she is very plush, I made her a cashmere coat, and a leather bag, shes very bling, yes I am happy with her.  

Tomorrow I am heading to Beverley for a hospital appointment(nothing major)  I love Beverley a historical market town with posh shops. I do hope it doesnt rain, so I can have a good look around the shops and take a few photos. 

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  1. Love that Portia Pig!! She is FAB. Hope your appointment tomorrow goes well and you get a little lookie around the shops.


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