Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Vintage Day

Whilst out in the garden the other day, my son called "You do know there are vintage cars going through the village" I quickly dropped everything I was doing and dashed out to the front of the house. This time with my camera ready for action.

One of the plus sides of living on a main village road is 3 or 4 times a year we have vintage cars, or motor cycles pass by our home. Now anyone who follows me or drops by my blog will know I LOVE VINTAGE.

Here they come!!

 A Rolls Royce

For old bangers they were whizzing past at an alarming rate

I love the contrast between new and old open top cars here

They were waving away

Such fun I love them.

Later a stint at the local charity shop where I volunteer, then a walk to the main shops always has its rewards. Today I bought home .
This delightful leather suitcase (sadly with different fasteners) for the pricely sum of £2.00
Battered but a bargain.
and these pocket opera glasses with complete packaging £3.00.  Which I think are very quirky. No idea what I shall do with them.  Hubbie said "I hope this doesnt mean you want to go to an opera"
and this is our little vintage car (not ours) on our wedding day, it was one of the highlights for us both.

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  1. Now that's the way to travel! I love vintage cars,they have so much character,unlike our modern cars today.
    Love the last pic! :0)

  2. Love those old cars! Our town is having their 'Heritage Days' this weekend and they usually have a display of lovely vintage cars. Your little suitcase would look perfect in the back seat of one! What a wonderful find.


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