Sunday, 24 June 2012

One very Wet Friday

On Friday I had an appointment in Beverley, I was so looking forward to a day out browsing at my leisure, maybe take a few pictures.  But this was not to be. I cannot believe how much it rained.

My poor red shoes were drenched. 

 So I popped in to M & S for coffee, scone and a warm up.  Love that serviette)

My appointment was at  the outpatients to be fitted with my new hearing aid.  Ok this is the second attempt at wearing one.  Last time I felt quite like poor  Mr. Flibberty-jib far too much noise.

I would come home slam it down with a blinding headache, then I lost it.

I have to say they have taken on board what I said, tweaked it for me, and this time its so much better.  Yes I am a  very happy bunnie indeed! 
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  1. Glad to hear your appointment went well, but what a shame about the crap weather. Love those red shoes!!!!

  2. Pleased to hear your new aid is working for you.
    Your poor shoes! I hope they're none the worse for that drenching.
    Hope you have a happy week,the sun is out again...Yay! :0)


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