Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sweet Sixteen

Hello, what a lovely sunny day today, I feel happy.  Today is my daughters 16th birthday. 

(I'm still having problems with uploading pictures as you can see.  Only with blogger, not with Etsy.  Is anyone else having this problem? I would love to know the answer)  
She didnt want a party, she asked for Take-aways tonight.  Yippee! no cooking.  This day gets better by the minute.

So I've been busy creating more bears.  Ive made this delightful brown baby  bear  and a rabbit with a pram and baby.  I really enjoyed making these, they were great fun.

 I think I would like to create something completely different when I have finished making the bears. I fancy making a doll, something completely different.  I particularly like this idea 

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  1. Happy Sweet Sixteen to your lovely girl. Fabulous new bears you have added to the shop, the pram is a really cute!


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