Saturday, 16 June 2012

Thrifty Patchwork Quilt Part II and a bit of Fabric LOOVe

Well at last I can show you the biggest Ta Da, Ive finished yet.  But first sit back this Saturday Evening and enjoy abit of fabric loooove♥

Ok a trip to the charity shops and a bargain find is an instant delight,  Ive been searching sometime for some furnishing fabric to finish the thrifty quilt.  For those of you who have not heard of my Thrifty Patchwork quilt.  It is a quilt made from fabric samples kindly donated from my local painter and decorators shop, also my first attempt at proper quilting (so be kind to me).  So on Thursday I was thrilled to bits when I spotted this

2 pieces of Sandersons "William Morris Water lily" fabric for £1.00, and I have enough to make a cushion with whats left over.  Wow what a bargain.  But I havent finished there is more.  Because next to it with a price tag of £2.00 was this fabric, 1 door curtain and two short curtains.
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William Morris "Blackthorn"
I do believe this colourway is discontinued, its so 60s/70s retro, so of its time. I love it.
Im normally  drawn to chintz, Cath Kidston fabric pinks, greens, yellows,   But isnt this the most beautiful pattern. 

So back to the quilt.  Its finished, not perfect but Im very pleased for a first attempt. I wont show the back because it has a few small creases. I was inspired by Small hands one of the very first blogs I found, she no longer blogs but keeps a flickr account here  I love her quilts, they are so and fresh, colourful and intricate.

By cutting the fabric samples into strips and mixing them, it enabled me to  use all the colourways.  As you can imagine some of the samples were incredibly dark or  too bright.  Otherwise I wouldnt have been able to use them all.  I think it worked out well considering..

Hope you like it.


  1. I love i!!! All of my large quilts have a crease or two in the back. It's so hard to get everything smooth and it always moves when you are quilting. Half my problem is I don't have anywhere large enough to lay them out when I am basting the back, batting and top together. Anyway, well done, it looks fantastic.

  2. That is truly a work of art...beautiful! :0)


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