Sunday, 10 June 2012

Fun between the Rain Showers

On Friday we had a small visitor to No. 23.  He is only seven years ond and he came to bake bread, something my husband had been promising him for a while.   He thoroughly loved the experience (he wants to be a chef), baked 6 bread rolls, walked Millie while the bread rose.  He was so excited when he peeped at the bread and it had doubled in size MAGIC.  We also printed off some special bread labels,  It was lovely have small children in the house again.

 In between the most horrendous weather we are having I have been really enjoying rearranging the garden with the hubbie.  First we bought some new veg boxes, replacing the mish mash wooden ones,  I am so pleased with them, and all but one veg bed so far has been successful.

Next we moved the sheds, we wanted to create a storage area in between to store and cut wood.   We started clearing the rubble planning to lay a base and to our surprise  we discovered old block paving. We believe it must have been when they used to keep pigs at the back of the outhouses.  What luck a good sound surface to work on.

Ive been so loving this little corner of our garden So colour
but today this appeareed

 This beautiful red poppy amongst my pastel arrangement. 

I love this plant, when its rained the droplets look like diamonds on the leaves when the sun catches them, if only!

I am also still making bears, here is a WIP.  I had a new idea in my head, and this little pig came together so quickly, but the ears and facial expression, was another thing. Sometimes it pays to put things down for a while and come back and have a fresh look. Today I looked at it and now I know what I need to do.  On a bonus the ears have settled down, which I am so pleased about.

I LOVE ♥ pigs.  Do you?

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  1. Love your piggy! Sounds like you and your young visitor had a wonderful time baking. Your garden looks fab too. Mine is a disaster, thanks to a short brown long dog who's got a serious addiction to digging. Couldn't figure out why she was so quiet the day the internet man came, she was busy digging up my tomatoes!!!!

  2. Yes I do love pigs..and yours is very cute!
    You have been working hard and your garden is blooming lovely.Due to all the rain,the few plants I do have are looking rather sorry.
    Bet that bread tasted good,your baker looks very pleased with his efforts..and so he should. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :0)


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