Sunday, 3 July 2011


Its been three years since we collected Milly from the rescue centre.  We had been looking for sometime.  She was not at all what we were looking for.  We all had in mind a little lap dog for our small cottage.  But most of the dogs we looked at were large.  But then I spotted Milly, she was just stood there, very quiet looking so sad and very thin,  I knew if we were to take a dog home that day it was her.

She is a lurcher we think a cross between a Whippet and Bedlington terrior.  We think that she was a working dog, and also because of her mannorisms, that she may have been mistreated.

She would never look at you in the early days


She doesn't seems to have that problem now

She is a small dog with a big personality, a hoarder and a bit of a magpie.  Hubby lost his keys the other day (guess who had them in her basket) 

She is also fond of purses and handbags  Matching of course.

She love the snow but hates the rain
But best of all she just loves to sleep

Especially with big Ted


  1. Awwww she's just so LOVELY!
    I just popped over to say hello and thanks for leaving a message and I'm greeted by that gorgeous whiskery face! x

  2. Thanks for popping over, and my
    1st comment. Milly is a sweetie, everyone loves her big brown eyes


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