Saturday, 9 July 2011

When Thrifting Isnt Fun

Times are tough here at no.23.   With only Hubbie working, and at present on reduced hours.  Sadly, thrifting has now become a necessity instead of being a fun challenge. 

So with time on my hands and continuing with my ground floor makeover.  Ive varnished the kitchen cupboards, and painted the table legs, the walls are now ready for painting white.

When I lived in Bristol my elderly neighbour used to have Summer and Winter curtains. I think this is a great idea. Lots of light fresh colours. I love ticking, checks and linens with light summer flowers, and in the winter there is nothing more welcoming , than snuggly cushions and throws with lovely soft rich textures, does anyone out there already do this.
So out came my £4.00 curtains,and lots of other fabrics from under the bed.  They are a heavy screen printed linen. I am in the process of unpicking and remaking them for the front room. (I dont know why I say front room as its our only room)   Im not too sure if they are a bit grannyish. 

I intend to make some cushions with the checked material. Its coming together nicely, dont you think?

Ive also been crocheting a round cushion.  There is an obvious mistake on my first attempt at round crocheting, the expert crocheter will spot it immediately, but Im not telling

The flip side same colours but looking completely different

I think it fits in very well
When I was in town the other day I came across a free  magazine, and something caught my eye. 

Was it Daniel Craig with his lovely steely blue eyes?
Was it the 43 hot fashion and beauty tips, and boy I could use them?
It was an article on Super Chic Caravans. 
Just look at these.

Fancy waking up here?
and cooking breakfast in the open air
These teardrops are  an ingenious design . You can also hire them too.
or the ultimate, an American Airstream.  Very sleek, Very retro.

See you soon Louise x

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