Monday, 14 January 2013


Its  in the hands of the gods, something we have no control over, Yet it is a topic we British love to talk about.

  Yes its the weather, and its on everyone lips.The weather men have been warning us for some time.  Its tried twice over the weekend  but without success. But finally today it well and truly arrived.

A blanket of snow has fallen over my  part of Yorkshire. The children passing by my house are laughing and playing as they walk home from school, and I dont think we have seen the last of it.
Whats your weather like?

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  1. Your weather looks so beautiful - ours is stinking hot, and outside is all brown and crunchy underfoot...want to swap???

    1. hello Judith
      2 extremes, what I wouldnt give to feel the sun on my face, but alas I would find your temperatures unbearable. Ill stick with the snow for now.

  2. Enjoy your snow! It looks so pretty when it first falls.


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