Saturday, 12 January 2013

The baby Owl

 Well readers a new laptop.  Super sensitive  driving me slightly mad, and getting to grips with Windows 8 is another story.  So what better way to road test it out,than with a post and photo.

Sometime before Christmas I had a brainstorm.  I decided I wanted to make an owl.  It seems owls are very "in fashion" at the moment, they are on everything, cushions, bags, fabric, purse shapes, so why not jump on the band wagon and make one I thought.

So within the space of a day I had created this baby owl.  Believe me that was the easy part. ,it s okay me having these ideas but I dont see the whole picture; ie what do I do with him how. How do I display him?

My first thought was to put him behind a display frame,  but I so dislike textures behind glass.  So he has been hibernating for a few months.  Ive now decided he needs to be on a stand and the poor sole has now got doweling up his derriere awaiting a stand. Aww

Sometimes you just  cannot rush art. Isnt he sweet, made from the my fabric and wool stash, Its amazing what can be created with junk from under the bed (hubbies words not mine)  When completed I intend to put him up for sale.  Not sure yet which route I will be taking for selling him. Any thoughts.
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  1. Wow! He is amazing. How did you make his face? It is very detailed and he looks like a real owl. I really like him.

    1. He is rather special, I'm really pleased with him.


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