Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Pledge

Somehow I dont know how, but I found a blog from a blog, like you do, and I signed myself up for the 2013 sewlutions,    Just a click of the button and Im now committed, and probably regretting it already.

 I commented that I would finish the coat that has been in my wardrobe for the last 3 years.  

Total madness most of the hard work has been done. Just need to take in some seams and hem it

I also said I would make up the patterns that I bought last year, I thought I had 5, but in fact I have 6.
1 Suit V8355 
4 dresses
1 Blouse V7903

Im not sure about one of the dresses the second from the left,  Vogue 1190,  with the  frills, probably not the best choice  with a full bust, I may omit the frills.  I like all the others, and I like to use every pattern once at least. 

Do you all use your purchased patterns, or do they get put to the back of the pile. Id love to know

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aka  Tonto


  1. Those patterns look great - looking forward to seeing them made up. I buy so many patterns - I think I purchased almost a hundred last year - that there is no possible way I can sew them all up - and yet I buy more - Vogue/Butterick/McCalls american site are currently having a sale - what could I do - I HAD to buy.

  2. It is addictive pattern buying, I noticed vogue were having a sale, they are cheap. I might check on the shipping costs.

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  4. Can't wait to see you make those patterns. Love that coat too, you have a real talent for making clothes. I love to buy patterns, but they never turn out the way I expect them too.


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